by Britt Chester

Skepticism abounds anytime someone tells you about their “DJ night,” thanks in part to Portlandia‘s mockery, and also because everyone and their mother is a DJ these days.

Such is not the case, though, for Dance From Above, Greensboro’s monthly underground dance music event held in the Crown Room at the Carolina Theatre. (It’s not really underground, quite the opposite, but the music is underground”¦ you know, like, not too cool for school yet.)

The early stage of promoting a new event is a daunting task. Unless you’ve got carte blanche from a venue or a financial backer, chances are the monies are coming from a singular entity or group of friends.

Dance From Above is still in this early stage. It’s building a brand “” a following “” by not relying on glitter-pop EDM artists and music producers who spend more time on their logo than they do the music. Instead, DFA is focusing on bringing artists that are promoting the tipping point of dance music by steadily releasing track after track before getting signed by a label and thus will be headlining future festivals.

For October’s Dance From Above, Jazzy Joel Productions (the promotional entity that developed DFA) is bringing Mad Decent underdog Bird Peterson.

You might be asking yourself, “Have I heard of Bird Peterson?” You didn’t see him in a microbrewery at Moog Fest. Chances are your only exposure to the man is through your knowledge of Mad Decent’s impressive catalog of artists or Peterson’s “Drankenstein” mixtape, the latter of which has been in the works for, like, four years. It’s now finished.

Bird Peterson’s music is sort of chopped, sort of screwed, sort of trance, and sort of hip-hop. It’s dance music alright, but not the shiny, laser-loving garbage being blasted from your radio. That’s the point DFA is trying to prove.

Dance From Above is here to shed light on rising artists. To give these rising artists a platform to perform in North Carolina, Greensboro of all places, where they might not otherwise get the chance.

Genre-purists are an intimidating bunch, which is why DFA might be the healthiest dance music event in the area. They don’t care if you haven’t heard of the artist. They don’t care if you don’t know how to properly dance. They just want to provide you with tunes that you will like in a room where you can move with people who are there to do the same thing. !