by Britt Chester

I’m Shmacked, a “society/culture website,” is bringing one of trap music’s banner carriers, Loudpvck, to Ziggy’s on Nov. 8. Before I allow myself to vent at length about this generation’s obsession with changing letters in words to make it look cooler or read differently, let’s take a look at what it means when a website that generates traffic by exploiting overindulgence in alcohol on college campuses brings music events to our town.

I’m Shmacked is adamant in claiming it does not condone the actions of the people in the videos they make “” most consisting of young girls chugging cheap liquor, guys passing joints, frat dudes filling beer bongs with margarita mix and cut-off jean short wearing ladies dancing like the internet doesn’t exist “” but that doesn’t stop the brand from continuing. The attention I’m Shmacked receives is great, albeit negative press, but they are popular and the shows do pretty well.

Attempting to criticize I’m Shmacked would make me sound too much like an old man shaking his cane at the kids and their rock ‘n’ roll music, so instead just know that if you end up in one of their videos, yes, you’ll be seen by hundreds of thousands of people, and yes, you will regret it when you actually have to enter the workforce.

Loudpvck, however, is pretty much perfect for this show. Heavy bass explodes from speakers, trap music beats make butts drop to the floor, and, if I’m Shmacked invested correctly, a strobe-heavy, LED-paneled stage will sear retinas with flashing images. I’m Shmacked has to cash in on the EDM cow while they can.

I can’t defend this with evidence, but I’m pretty sure Loudpvck is one of those acts that bought a lot of followers on the Internet, sold the self-inflated popularity to promoters and then became popular “¦ on the Internet. The music is generic “” chopped samples from hip-hop tracks lazily threaded in mediocre 144 bpm songs “” but trap music is sort of the “it-girl” in the dance world right now (I blame Flosstradamus). It’s a party, and when combined with college girls and college bros fighting for camera time on the off-chance they might appear in an I’m Shmacked video representing Wake Forest (the event is called Deacon Season), will certainly result in many ridiculous Instagram pictures, Twitter posts saying something like “#ImShmacked at Loupvck LOL #wasted #college #thanksmom,” and shameless Facebook posts. Shmacked gets free press, Loudpvck gets paid, and college students pay a few bucks to forget the first two courses they took at Wake Forest. !