by Britt Chester

Sonny Moore is 26 years old. He’s an adopted child from California. He’s won Grammy awards for music, produced songs for the biggest names in pop music, and he’s even worked with The Doors (the remaining members). He’s toured the world, headlined every major festival from Coachella to Bonnaroo, and he did all of this thanks to a computer. Moore is also known as Skrillex.

Saying the name Skrillex evokes a shudder, for some, because it sounds like a Michael Bay monster that never appeared in a Transformers movie. For others, it evokes serious fandom. As Skrillex, Moore has pioneered an American music movement, even if he doesn’t want to take credit for it. From his earliest synthcrunching sounds on his Grammy-winning EP, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, to his most recent run-ins with the reggaeton sounds on Recess, he has become the golden-boy-idol of dance music for a generation whose need for constantly evolving stimuli is at its greatest. Moore recently sat in with Howard Stern for an interview and in that interview managed to dodge any of the baiting questions that Stern typically throws at his subjects.

He didn’t insult anyone. He didn’t claim he was the greatest. He didn’t really have anything negative to say about anything.

How boring. In the TMZ world we live in “” the era where WorldStarHipHop videos get more views than ISIS tragedy documentation “” how did we manage to let a humble, honest, hardworking guy make it to the top and stay there for this long?

Probably because he’s that good of a guy. His production skills are unmatched. His musicianship, whether you agree or appreciate with the kind of music he is currently releasing, is raising the bar. His genius has put him in the studio with some of the top musicians in the world, and he’s brought nobodies with him and put them on the map. How cool is that?

The bummer about Skrillex, though, is that because he’s at this level, all his humility and honesty goes out the door when he charges $50 for an arena ticket to his show rather than hitting the small venues void of his trademark spaceshipstage-prop-thing so that fans can get a listen.

Maybe all that hard work is just to stay at the top, and maybe it’s just to prove that he deserves to be there. Either way, the world knows who Skrillex is, and for an adopted kid from California that seems to always be searching for family, that’s probably enough. !