by Britt Chester

Dance From Above returns this week with another lineup, this time being a little bit more chilled out than last month’s Halloween throw down with Bird Peterson. DFA is bringing Denitia and Sene all the way from Brooklyn, New York. The Facebook page says that this month’s edition is a masquerade party, which means you’ll probably be the oddball out if you don’t show up wearing a mask of some kind.

The other heavy hitter on the lineup includes Starfoxxx, a Chicago-based producer whose own Soundcloud profile states that he “hopes to go unnoticed.” Sorry buddy, but when you’re cranking out tracks such as “Sukie Sukie” and “Right Back,” you’re bound to garner some attention from thirsty fans who need tracks that make the butts bounce.

Greensboro’s Darklove is also on the bill, and word has it there will be a “Live from the Kitchen” session this coming weekend that will only be available for viewing via the producer’s UStream channel “” more info on that on his Facebook page.

Taking a note from the BoilerRoomTV model, Darklove seeks to host some late night parties directly in his house. Will the idea catch on? Well, that depends on whether or not you stream the show. It brings the party to your house, which helps you save on those pesky door fees. With that said, Dance From Above costs $10 to get in, unless you have a secret code word, which doesn’t exist.

Dance From Above also will showcase some Triad-area talent: Bekka Butts will be showing her work, Adam Graetz and Caleb Smallwood will be manning the visuals for the night (See more of Caleb Smallwood’s video work on the YES! Current blog).

That’s pretty much it for the local scene, except for the mainstays including DJ Paco running things on the decks at Therapy, a club that just happened to get a prominent shout-out on Huffington Post’s front page regarding the club’s Wednesday night salsa dancing nights. DJ SK also keeps things grooving at 6th and Vine in Winston-Salem on Thursday nights.

Things have been heating up down at Black Lodge, also in Winston-Salem, with the Wednesday night bring-your-own-vinyl. That Innovation Quarter, or “Inn-Qua” as it will probably be called when the hipsters tack a nickname on it, sits right next to this area, and with the rising popularity of vinyl, Black Lodge should have no problem spinning multiples genres as they are brought in by the patrons. !