Ziggy’s is attempting to cool the weather a bit with EDM Winter Wonderland on Friday night. To bolster that attempt, DJs Frenzy, Snow and Trillion are billed to bring the fire. Locally, Trillion, known in friendlier circles as John Coyne, has been building a following with regular appearances in and around every EDM event. His side project Low End Co. headlined the Bassnectar after-party at The Blind Tiger in October — reviews of which were positive regarding both attendance and sonic pleasure. Frenzy, a Charlotte based DJ by way of Atlanta, will most likely be working his way through a set of steady club bangers — Deadmau5 remixes, Dillon Francis “bootlegs,” David Guetta, Dada Life, etc. — which runs the gamut of multi-genre dance music. Mostly electro-house, house, bass, probably a dash or two of tracks mistaken for dubstep, and generally everything that is generically placed under the umbrella of EDM.

There’s also a $500 Sexy Santa contest for whoever comes wearing the scantest red and white (could be furry) outfit. Ladies, glitter on the chest is a must. Fellas, there’s not much of a chance of you beating any of the ladies, so best bet is to stick with the cliché hat.

Capital Crown is listed as one of the promotional entities for the show, but then again so are Riot Squad and Fre5h Promo, so it’s really a crapshoot as to who is presenting this. Regardless, it’s going to be a good time if you’re into synth lines and bass drops. Which, seriously, who isn’t? Bring earplugs, and that’s a pro tip.

Other than that, DJ SK will continue to man the decks down at 6 th & Vine, except this week he’ll be able to add a shared bill with Juicy J to his resume.

DJ Hek Yeh will be laying down the soundtrack at Carlisle’s Pub in Winston for the Tacky Christmas Sweater Party on Friday night.

The Black Lodge, as always, has been filling the seats on Wednesdays with Welcome to Wax and stiff drinks down on its little corner — the block being the lone survivor of contemporary nostalgic coolness in the face of the great Innovation Quarter Gentrification of 2014. Krankies, Reanimator, Camel City Tattoo Shop and Black Lodge pretty well own the area. In real estate news, Doggy Stylez Couture, which is right next to Reanimator, just closed down, so there’s room for something else to move in and keep the spot hip. We’re hoping Reanimator just expands. !