Before we let you know what’s going on this week in the dance scene, we’re going to have to suggest that you listen to Mad Decent’s “A Very, Very Decent Christmas” playlist. You can find it at Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Now that you’re bouncing along to “Twerkith on These Bells” by DJ Fire, we’ll let you know what you’re in for this hectic holiday week.

To start, Black Lodge will remain open on Christmas Eve with it’s weekly Welcome to Wax night. Resident bartender and DJ Jerry Cooper will be flipping records and mixing cocktails alongside Jessica Barker. There’s typically four or five crates of records to flip through, but it’s encouraged to bring to your own and let Cooper manage the sounds.

Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company, Greensboro’s latest oasis of good beer and conversation, has started up its own Bring Your Own Vinyl night. Gibb’s has a little bit more of a laid back atmosphere, but we’re pretty sure you could walk in with some Flying Lotus or the latest Aphex Twin and still get a spin or two. Open invitations for music always showcase diverse tastes.

Also, while browsing the $1 bins at CFBG Record Store we ran across some diamonds in the rough – hint hint – in case you were coming up short on dough and still need to run out and get some last-minute Christmas gifts.

We didn’t know about this listing on Reanimator’s website, but apparently every Thursday there is a weekly meet up in the record shop for people who want to draw weird pictures and drink beer and listen to records. Sign us up.

There’s been some rumors floating around about some house parties in downtown Winston-Salem, but until we actually attend one, rumors they shall remain.

And normally we wouldn’t use this section to call anyone out, but before spring and summer Best Of issue starts getting assigned, we’d like to acknowledge all the work the crew at Dance From Above put in over the summer. They managed to book and promote six events, all from scratch, and nearly every single one was well attended. They brought acts that would never have even considered stopping in Greensboro, and although the brand isn’t moving forward at this point with anything on the books, we are sure the DFA movement will keep the ball rolling into next year when the warm temperatures allow for a more conducive, danceable environment. !