Jantsen and Dirt Monkey are coming to the Blind Tiger next week, which means Greensboro is getting some proper dubstep and drum and bass for the first time in a while.

Jantsen Robertson was always dominating in the bass music realm, but things really took off for the Colorado producer when he was put-on by Lorin Ashton (Bassnectar) with the track, “Red Step” off the critically acclaimed Divergent Spectrum album from 2011. Fast-forward to 2014 when Bassnectar dropped Noise vs. Beauty, and you see Jantsen’s name in the credits once again. Dirt Monkey, whose organic growth from local DJ to nationwide touring artist, has steadily built his fan base through consistent releases and a wide scope of the genre.

He’ll dabble in the drum and bass side of things in the BPM scale, but will also drop a grimy bass line when necessary. Either way, you’ll be in good hands when you’re staring at them on stage. Ray Volpe is billed on the show, too, and he’s definitely going to deliver a plate of trap fixins for you.

The Corner Bar down on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro has been keeping things moving on Friday nights … most recently thanks to DJ Hek Yeh! who trucks it up from Winston-Salem to let the Gate City know how to party.

Also, and this is a far shot because it’s in Detroit, but if you are planning on making the trip to Movement Music Festival, the lineup just got released, and it’s going to be the best techno you’re going to hear all year in one place. Carl Craig, Paco Osuna, Maya Jane Coles and People Under the Stairs are just a couple of the artists listed on the lineup … but there are 70 more, so … Greensboro local Matt Hollingsworth, better known in the music side of things as Darklove, just dropped a new track via Soundcloud. He’s been all over the board with releases, but the latest one, “Witchdoctor” has got a slow-paced build into a pretty astounding drop. Is it EDM? He classified it that way, but we’re going to lean more on the side of proper dance music (PDM?). To hear more sounds from Hollingsworth, go to www.soundcloud. com/darklove, or check out him out on Facebook with the same name. !