by Britt Chester

There’s a little shop in downtown Winston-Salem just on the north end of Trade Street called Ember Audio Visual, and the fact that we haven’t mentioned it in the Needle Drop section yet is an abomination. Ember A/V is where you need to go to hear what music is truly meant to sound like. For one, there is always a record player or a CD player, primed and ready for a selection, but the real treat is what particular system the guys at Ember A/V have on deck to deliver the sound. Carrying an array of brands (JL Audio Subwoofers, KEF Loudspeakers, Naim, to name a few) so as to cater to the many different customer tastes, price points, and style, Ember has something for every music and sound aficionado. It’s merely a bonus that the room happens to also be an art gallery (this month, Ember is showing assorted works of Chad McHenry and Ian Bredice). On Sunday night, the Public Vinyl Demo is going down, which allows anyone to come in with vinyl records in tow and play them on a supreme sound system. Like, if sound systems were cars, this is where you go drool over the Bugatti of audio vehicles. No vinyl is discriminated against, and everyone is welcome.

The needle drops at 5 p.m. and records don’t stop spinning until the last person leaves, which is typically around 10 p.m., or sometimes later. Ember provides the coffee, in case someone brings Enya and start snoozing off.

Greene Street Club is getting a little rowdy on Sunday nights thanks to REHAB, the latest addition to the Greensboro club’s scheduling. Basically, it’s a little bit of EDM-landing gear to help you wind down from the weekend and get ready for the 9-5 grind that starts on Monday morning, unless you’re in school, in which case Sunday is the new Tuesday, which is the new Friday. Club goin’ up.

Phuzz Phest, Winston-Salem’s annual hometown throw-down that features a choice selection of local and national acts, just announced the line-up for 2015, and it’s pretty impressive. With that said, Tow3rs and Celestogramme are just two of the acts on the bill, but two acts that we here at Needle Drop highly recommend getting down with, should you choose to attend (you should!). You can score some three-day festival passes from your local record shops, and while you’re there, we also recommend browsing the selections “” chances are you will definitely find something that you want. !