Limelight in Greensboro seems to be keeping a stacked lineup when it comes to weekly events. Although you’re probably not going to see any major headliners gracing the decks, Wednesday through Saturday should quench your thirst for all genres of hip hop and dance tracks. Wednesday is service industry night, which includes beer and shot specials, and Thursday keeps the doors open for college students with affordable light beers to sip while you get with Rumpshaker to some EDM and top 40.

Friday at Greene Street is billed as “Greensboro’s largest Friday night urban dance party,” which means you’ve got a good chance of hearing Ginuwine’s “Pony” and a bass-heavy version of whatever songs are currently taking over mainstream airwaves.

This Thursday, though, if you really want to get your fix on some good dance music, head over to Ziggy’s Rock House Tavern for the Thursday Throwdown DJ showcase. This week’s showcase features Spunge, Khanflik, Kooldown and DJ Misterbailey. Exploring the Soundcloud accounts for Spunge and Khanflik should be enough to get you out for the night; Spunge brings the trap styles to the table while Khanflik leans a little bit more on the EDM side of the things.

Yes, we are aware that trap is EDM, but EDM has a definitive sound in that it’s a bit more homogenized than the plethora of sub-genres that it spawned. Trap, for instance, keeps you at bay while waiting for the cantankerous chopped and screwed drops. House music is a bit more foot-friendly, while dubstep is the heavy metal head-banger stuff of dance music. If we really wanted to mess with you, we’d jump into the descriptions of drum and bass, techno, garage, moombahton, footwork and the differences between Detroit and Chicago house music. We won’t, though, because all you need to know is that Khanflik and Spunge will play/remix some great tracks for you, and Kooldown and Misterbailey will set the tone for the night.

And on a final note, we need to make a small correction to a piece that ran in a previous issue of YES! Weekly regarding a store in Winston-Salem. We referred to the location as Ember Audio Visual when the actual name of the business is Ember Audio + Video. Hopefully, this didn’t deter anyone from attending the Public Vinyl Demo, but if it did, make your corrections for March because it’s an event that you don’t want to miss. !