It looks like Dance From Above is making its 2015 return, and is also coming out strong with Free The Robots as the lead off batter for the season starting on March 26 at the Crown Room in the Carolina Theatre. On deck for the April 30 show is Luke Jenner, and then Photay on May 28. Buy a calendar if you don’t have one and mark it for these days.

Coming up this weekend is the Clemmons Record Show at the Village Inn Event Center. Host Richard Hill opened up 60 tables and sold around 35 vendors for the event coming from Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, and beyond.

The record show used to take place at Market Place Mall, but the old venue built a gazebo in the same place and it took up too much room.

“We used to have shows back in 80s when it was the Ramada,” Hill said. “It’s 60 tables of vinyl, CDs, and memorabilia; free admission and lots of interesting dealers.”

Hill also said that most of the music is classic rock nowadays, but you’ll also find some good 50s, 60s, and 70s R&B.

“You can’t really sell Elvis anymore because all those collectors are too old,” Hill said before adding that he himself is retired and now holds record shows as a labor of love.

The Clemmons Record Show will be held from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon at the Village Inn Event Center located 6205 Ramada Drive in Clemmons.

If you were able to catch the DSB 18 event at Greene Street a few weeks back then we don’t need to tell you what it was like, but if you didn’t make it, Ed E. Ruger posted up a video-recap of the event shot by Kennon Pearson. It’s worth a watch.

GamerGAD, aka Ray Lewis, just dropped a new single called “Go2Work.” GamerGAD (which apparently stands for Gamer – Game All Day) creates this backpack-rapper meets gangster-rap persona where nerdy topics like video games make prominent appearances in his songs. “Go2Work” is no different, and whether the title is simply offering a suggestion as to what you should do instead of playing video games, or it just works for the chorus, the song is catchy and could help land the Greensboro-based rapper in the spotlight. Check out GamerGAD’s beats and remixes at GamerGAD. !