Capitalizing on the predictable social media hashtag “#WCW” (Woman Crush Wednesday), Greene Street Club’s Wednesday night throw down is all about the ladies. That means songs that make ladies dance, drink specials that help ladies dance, and a mid-week break from the monotonous work week, or school schedule. Reviving the college night, it seems Wednesday could become the new Friday.

Snoop Dogg just got announced at Ziggy’s for an April 16 appearance on an outdoor stage in the parking lot. The clarify, it’s the real-deal Snoop Dogg on this venture, not any of that Snoop Lion mess, or whatever iteration of Snoop you recall from the No Limit days. It’s crazy that you can order the same person in different entities, and presumably different prices, depending on what chapter of Snoop Dogg’s book you want to hear lyrically read to you. We’re guessing you’ll get hit with the some of the new tracks – “Young, Wild & Free” with Wiz Khalifa, “Hangover” with PSY – and there’s a good chance “Gin and Juice” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot” will be played to a raucous crowd. What’s crazy is that Snoop Dogg has maintained relevance despite his targeted 90s demographic growing up. That’s just a testament to his talent as both a performer and a rapper; the man can still drop lines from Doggystyle and they still land.

Dash Pop, the inaugural festival from the students at Wake Forest who are taking a class about event production, lands this weekend. There are a lot of acts on the two-day lineup, but in Needle Drop we want to shine a special light on none other than Winston- Salem’s own Patrick Douthit, also known as 9 th Wonder. This guy is hiphop, through and through. He’s even taken his career to Duke University and Harvard, so you won’t want to miss this lesson in soul when he brings his records and an assortment of artists from the Jamla Records imprint (Rapsody, Big Remo, Heather Victoria, Halo and GQ are all billed, as well). The best way to fight is to come out swinging, and Dash Pop seems to have already won this fight.

If you haven’t been following DJ Hek Yea and all the ventures of the FoamDrop and Glo parties, then you’re missing out on a real dance party. For a little taste of Hek Yea’s sounds, get down to Downtown Brody’s in Winston on Friday night. !