The Green Bean in Greensboro is kicking off a first Friday event called Caffeine, which is not-so-subtle yet appropriate for a dance party being energized by a roasted bean. Mardi Gras of the Carolinas is sponsoring the event, which might be why Scott Hinzman, the resident fire-spinning performing artist of the area, is also listed as some of the talent for the evening. Alvin Shavers is listed as one of the DJs, which means you can expect deep house and chill beats. Alvin Shavers puts out some solid house music via his SoundCloud page, although it seems it’s been awhile since he’s updated the stream. There’s an extended set of house and deep house sitting at the top of his stream that was uploaded less than one month ago… go give it a listen.

Deep house, if you are unaware, strips away much of the glitz and glam of the EDM world, leaving in its wake a mellow, often down-tempo lounge feel to the music. It’s not the banger, hands-to-theceiling type of bass drivel that’s being blasted on the radio, and most recently in Florida for Ultra Music Festival, but more closely resembling a melody that could easily have Sade singing a hook over. Hey, Alvin Shavers, get Sade on your next mix.

Thursday night at Ziggy’s in the Rock House Tavern is still a DJ showcase. The Rock House isn’t exactly the ideal place, but some new light additions in the 2 nd floor part of the venue have added some ambiance.

Dance From Above is officially off the ground in 2015. Free the Robots hit the Crown Room last Thursday, as did Darklove., Fiftyfoot, AXNT, Gate City Get Down and Gray_Area. Local photographer Caleb Smallwood (whose byline you have seen in this publication) shared art alongside Adam Graetz. The next edition of DFA won’t be until April 27, but it features Luke Jenner and a few other names. Photay is on the bill for May 28, which is definitely not to be missed.

Reanimator Records teased a halfscribbled press release for its Record Store Day cassette release titled “Fiends in Low Place,” which will only run you $10. On it you’ll hear tracks from Whatever Brains, The Shivas, Thee Oh Sees, and JC Satan, just to name a few. You can also buy records from Reanimator on Record Store Day (encouraged!) but a tape just seems like a cooler option. !