A big ol’ shout-out is in order to Lincoln Theatre for keeping a steady stream of DJ acts on the schedule. EXMAG hit the Raleigh venue last night, and keeping the ball rolling tonight is Felix Cartal. House music and deep house, two genres that are commonly mislabeled with the vomit-inducing term “EDM,” will be on blast all night as Vancouver, British Columbia’s young producer takes over the airwaves. If you’re still confused about the differences between EDM and house music just know that EDM appeals to the lowest common denominator – big bass drops to accommodate the neon tank top constituency – and house music caters to the musically sophisticated ear that appreciates production over hype.

The Fillmore in Charlotte is hosting Datsik on Friday night, which will be the heaviest dubstep you’ll hear so far this year. Troy Beetles is the man behind Datsik, but the team he’s employed for his production is more than this list can name. I interview Troy Beetles a while back and we spoke at great length about the differences between the UK music scene and that of the US, and he offered some insight into what is probably a very true, albeit embarrassing, revelation. “Here in America, people hear all the YouTube tracks, and they want to hear it live,” he said. “In the U.K., they want to hear all the shit that no one else has heard before.” Although I’m not really sure why that is, it is true, and lots of shows that fall under the EDM tag seem to just be regurgitated sets from the annals of DJ history. With that said, Datsik shows incorporate a lot of the classic hip-hop hooks and verses, but his added production sets them apart as their own.

Record Store Day is right around the corner, and CFBG is running some specials, namely 4 for $1 on all records in the dollar bin. For those of you with bad math skills (we are writers, we understand) that’s a record for 25 cents a piece. Can you beat that? No, no you can’t.

The Rock House Tavern at Ziggy’s is keeping things groovy on Thursday night with the DJ Showcase, which is an amalgamation of local DJs and producers throwing down on the wheels of steel, or the wheels of plastic if CDJs are your chosen tool … or USB sticks, if the newest CDJs are your chosen tool. !