Well, another Record Store Day has come and gone, and given the commentary coming in from music lovers, it seems it was a super success. So, congratulations on another successful year all you record shops whom made it possible.

With that said, there is still some residual parties planned for PTRSDD (Post Traumatic Record Store Day Disorder). Centennial Trading Company, a clothing company this publication has featured in the past in regard to its domestic manufacturing of denim and other clothing, is hosting the Post Record Store Day Listening Party and Cookout.

Centennial Trading Company is not a record store, but neighbors-down-thestreet Underdog Records have sent over a special collection of records. All music is welcomed, which means you might get hit with a Bette Midler classic before rolling right into Aphex Twin’s “Window Licker.” Either way, it’s a great way to get turned on to some new music, turn other people onto some new music, or just get turned on because of music.

Caffeine, The Green Bean’s recent addition to the dance roster for Greensboro, announced the May 1 headliner to be Mal Funk Shun, a DJ-producer based out of Charlotte. The Green Bean seems like an odd place for the booty-techhouse stylings of the Charlotte producer whose real name is Jorge Ramirez, but we aren’t complaining. Dance From Above dropped a stick of dynamite in the calm waters of the Triad by giving underground producers a spotlight in which to showcase their respective talents behind the decks, so more power to Green Bean for wanting to get people into more dance music. Aline Nunez is billed for the show, as well as Nathan NiceToSay, Josh Bee and HeavyVee.

Speaking of Dance From Above, Luke Jenner will be headlining the next installment in the Crown at the Carolina Theatre. You might recognize Jenner’s name from The Rapture, an indie outfit based out of – you guessed it – New York City. This isn’t a Rapture show, though, but just Jenner on the tables mixing disco, house, and god knows what else. It’s Luke Jenner, which means you’ll get blended into a whirlwind of genres that will somehow make so much sense that you won’t even notice that you haven’t stopped dancing for the entire evening, and that you now have an added appreciation for modern disco music. !