Dance From Above returns this week with Luke Jenner of the currently defunct Rapture band out of New York. This means that your Thursday night is already booked for the dance floor in the Crown Room – a place that has become somewhat of an awesome venue for these types of shows. Alvin Shavers, Fiftyfootshadows, Quilla, Martin J. Dolan, Sammy Citrus and the Gate City Get Down are all billed as openers, which are a lot of artists to cram into one night, but equally worth it. And sticking with what has become the norm, Adam Graetz will be providing the visual accompaniment for the evening, and Caleb Smallwood will be on hand capturing all the choice moments of the night. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you will have a great time, head over to the DFA Facebook page to view the recap videos that Smallwood has produced for past events.

DJ HEK YEH will be venturing down to Ziggy’s on May 1 for the official Dirty Heads after party, then will be taking the decks for a spin on May 9 at the District Roof Top Bar and Grille in Winston-Salem.

Greensboro’s Limelight is presenting The Blacklight District on May 8. Lights Out and Kill Trax are listed as the headliners for the night, and there’s a host of other artists billed for the evening. If you RSVP to the event and arrive before 11 p.m. then it’s free, but if you show up after, you’re probably getting hit with a $10 charge to party. It’s worth it, though, if EDM is your musical poison. And paying $10 to drink 25-cent beers is also worth it. There’s also a glow in the dark beer pong tournament, so, take that for what it’s worth.

Friday at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh will be a throw-down if you’re willing to make the drive. Pulse is something of a residency, and it’s all EDM.

Also on the horizon is 3DX at Arizona Pete’s in Greensboro on May 9. Apparently, 3DX is reinventing the wheel with visuals, stage effects and EDM? Either way, Trapticonz, DJ Dirty, DJ Supa Skip and a couple others are listed for the night, so it will probably be a bass-bangin’ good time if you’re down with more of the mainstream, big room stuff. DJ Dirty is Maxim Magazine’s official DJ, which is presumably as lame as it sounds.

You’d think after Saturday Night Live demolished any credibility of “the drop” in its now-viral skit that promoters would stop trying to entice people to come check out the show because of, well, “the sick drops.” Needless to say, it still gets a lot of usage in promo material, which means some people just don’t care to learn. !