If you’re in the market for some big spectacles by way of the EDM world and all the confetti blasts that comes with it then you’ll want to head over to Arizona Pete’s this Saturday night for the 3DX Tour stop. The real draw here is the threedimensional aspect of the night, which, if it’s anything like three-dimensional capabilities in movies, could produce a pretty nauseating effect. However, the race to produce an event that capitalizes on the hotness of EDM right now while pushing the envelope for production is a close one – there’s paint parties, foam parties, anything-but-clothes parties – in terms of novelty. There is no reinvention of the wheel here, just applying it to another machine in hopes of spinning ahead of the competition. 3DX will hopefully do well because the music is good, which is what the draw should always be, but anytime the visual spectacle can be upped, well, we don’t hate it. General admission for the show is $10, and if you want that front row experience you’re going to have to drop $25, and you get expedited entry at that rate.

Thursday night at Ziggy’s will be about as chopped and screwed as you can get with Trapped N Spring. Spent Entertainment, a promotional entity of sorts based out of Charlotte, has tapped Tookie, Irewl and a few other DJs to head up to the Triad and lay down the bass. One of the best parts of this show is that it’s free, and if trap music is what you’re all about, then go ahead and ink 10 p.m. to your calendar for Thursday.

Winston-Salem’s DJ HEK YEH will be taking over the tables at The District Rooftop Bar and Grille this weekend. The District isn’t really the type of place that you would think HEK YEH would be dropping beats, but anytime a business wants to convert over to the light side – the dark side being those venues that only pump elevator muzak in your ears – we support it. Plus, the District has a great view of the Winston skyline.

Although Dance From Above did just happen (we heard nothing but good things from various sources), and the big announcement for May came sweeping through our inboxes and Facebook invites with the only name ye need to know for the entire month of May, and that name is Photay. Dance From Above is really setting itself apart with this billing, particularly because Photay doesn’t fall in with any of the mainstream producers. He’s running in so many genre circles that classifying is pointless, but appreciating is necessary. !