It looks like Greene Street is advertising “Greensboro’s Only EDM Party” for its Saturday event, High Frequency. It’s pretty obvious that High Frequency isn’t Greensboro’s only EDM party, given the shows and music coming out of Limelight, and Dance From Above (although that’s not so much EDM, but to the untrained ear, it still is)… hell, The Blind Tiger recently hosted Dirt Monkey and Jantsen. What gives Greene Street? It seems like they are really trying to push the EDM sound and bank on people believing that it’s the only party, but it’s not. We haven’t been, yet, but we’re pretty sure it’s going to be run through of big room bangers and trap remixes, which at this point in the musical climate, is the in-between music at concerts.

Greene Street is able to brag about the recently re-opened rooftop, which is serving up frozen drinks filled with booze, but sadly no music when people actually want to hear it – at night. If you want that changed, let the baby boomers in Centerpointe know your thoughts.

We wandered into Club Snap a few weeks back and heard some pretty good deep house and trance music coming out of the speakers. You don’t have to be gay to go into Club Snap, although on Facebook it advertises itself as a gay bar, but if you’re all about the music and dancing on a good floor, Club Snap is the place to be. They also have cheap shots, too. Maybe it’s DJ MisterBailey, but it’s the kind of music that you’d have to travel for, and Club Snap has it blasting like it’s the norm. Get down there and check it out.

After speaking amongst mutually interested parties, we’re curious to know why no one is booking DJs at the intimate venue known as The Garage. The room is primo for the type of crowd that Dance From Above is bringing out in Greensboro – perhaps it’s on the horizon and we just haven’t been notified. This is certainly not to downplay anything that is going on at The Garage (by the way, if you missed HolidayMountain you deserve three lashings). Between Reanimator and The Garage, there is a good chance you’re going to see tomorrow’s rage acts playing to a room full of 100 sweaty people.

Friday night at Ziggy’s will be the Blackout Party, which brags DJ Ingen, A.O. and Cashprizes, as well as Tolo Stars models. Judging by the Tolo Star Models’ Instagram account (@Tolo_Star_Models), these ladies will be scantily clad. !