How about the Green Bean stepping things up with this upcoming edition of Caffeine? If you haven’t been following, Caffeine is the coffee shop’s latest addition to the rotation of all things dance in Greensboro, and the upcoming First Friday showcase will feature Matt.Lock and DJ PriceDrop. A press release stated that a back patio DJ set from 3a.m. will also be underway, as will the b-boy and b-girl stylings from ISKATE. There is only a $5 cover for the night, so scrape together some couch change and get down to check it out. Jeff Beck will be in the house doing some live-painting by black light.

Dance From Above will take over the Crown Room in the same way it’s always done at the end of the month. The crew that puts on the monthly event finagled Sinkane (see Tunes feature) and Photay onto a co-headlining bill – so if you were thinking of heading to Rock the Rails for the former, go ahead and double-down on the good sounds after the sunset. Rock the Rails has Carolina Coalmine headlining where Sinkane was originally set to play, so be sure to check that out beforehand.

Earshot, a record shop out in Winston- Salem has an art show currently hanging with pieces by Dennis Wells. Although the installation you’ll see at Earshot is a very precise show titled “In Their Own Words,” and is comprised of images of iconic figures formed out of their own lyrics, Wells’ larger pieces can be seen all over Winston, namely at the new Artivity on the Green park where he completed a mural. The hanging pieces are priced in the range of $200, perhaps give or take, so be sure to get over to Earshot to snag one of those… and a few records while you’re at it.

You’ve got less than two weeks to get over to Uptown Artworks to check out the “Hiphop the ArtFORM” exhibit that is currently running. The show ends on Saturday, June 6, and will be followed up by a solo show from DJ Herbin. On opening night of the next show, T-Rav, Irie-Child Robertson and Cyril Reginald Howell will be performing live. Uptown Artworks has some serious momentum right now with what it’s putting out there, and you best get over to see it before it’s too late.

Other than that, drop us a line with your best Memorial Day scores from record shops and we might pick you for a gift certificate to your favorite record shop or tickets to a concert. Find us on Facebook, or tweet a picture to us. !