As you may have seen our recent issue of The Triad’s Best, know that we are always preparing for the next issue when something amazing crosses our path. Such was the case this past Thursday when Dance From Above stacked Sinkane and Photay on the line-up for the monthly party. Lingering about downtown Greensboro prior to the show, there were plenty of overheard conversations about “going to the dance party,” but no one was prepared for what Sinkane brought to the night. Rocking a “Steal Your Face” Death From Above record label shirt, Ahmed Gallab and his band absolutely brought their music to life. It wasn’t wholly unexpected given Sinkane’s studio albums, but the palpable energy infiltrated everyone and the entire room was moving some type of way. John Carey played the in-betweener spot, albeit barefoot, and brought about an easy transition from Sinkane’s jazz-jam-dance set into Photay’s experimental electronic realm. We here at YES! Weekly can only tell you to check this out so much, but last Thursday night pretty much solidified Dance From Above as the most progressive event in the area.

In things unrelated to vinyl but still newsworthy, the team at Pop Music Quiz has announced June 18 as the 100 th installment of the almost decade-old event. Mark your calendars for the third Thursday of this month so you can be apart of something special. A quick look at the Facebook page reveals that couples have actually met at Pop Music Quiz and then later got married… so, basically, there’s hope for all of those that can recall precise details about Justin Timberlake’s and Britney Spear’s matching denim outfits from the 2001 American Music Awards.

(Note: We neither condone nor endorse matching denim outfits.)

Riot Ten is on the horizon at the Blacklight District, Limelight’s monthly banger night with cheap beers and EDM. This is definitely the spot to be at for massive drops and turnt ass trap music. Yes, you can twerk. No, we don’t want to buy you a drink because of it, but here’s a quarter.

Aquatic Ceremony just debuted a new music video (limited edition seven-inch to come?) created by the students of R.J. Reynolds High School under the guidance of teacher Phil Benanati. The song is called “Spider” and gave the students an opportunity to actually create something visually stunning for a final project, not to mention real-world experience, and what they created is, well, top-notch. One time for Mr. Benanati. !