Ziggy’s is hosting PWX Wrestling, which apparently has a theme of Heroes vs. Villains. This will probably be an exciting event, but it’s not as exciting as it could be  if Heroes x Villains was playing the show. Maybe next time.

Friday night will be the big night for dance tunes in the Triad with Capital Crowne Presents hosting Ten, Danny B and Turt at Limelight for what’s becoming the premier EDM event in the area, Blacklight District. Club music is always going through different genres of popularity, right now being the “bangers and remixes of bangers” era of dance music. It used to be clubs played house music and disco to get people dancing, but people seem to want it a bit harder nowadays.

Caffeine at the Green Bean is becoming yet another place to get down with some solid dance music. It seems Dance From Above is reviving the scene a great way (not that it ever really left, Greensboro has been sort of a haven for the underground scene since the 90s) and Caffeine is just another leg to stand on.

Is there anyway to get promoters and clubs to exclude the word “urban” from 126 E. Cabarrus St. their 919-821-4111 descriptions of parties? Going by the definition, an “urban dance party” would basically be a dance party celebrating manmade structures, or a party where people who live in the city pat themselves on the back for living in and around concrete buildings. It’s not even that the word needs to be replaced by another it just needs to be removed. If, as a club, you need to delineate exactly what your night is about, just describe the music and let the fans show up.

Ember Gallery in downtown Winston- Salem has a really interesting show running for the month of June featuring works by Winston-Salem native Kat Lamp. Her illustrative and cartoonish images are featured on vinyl records (it’s not blasphemy to turn one piece of art into another, although we do cherish vinyl records here at Needle Drop). The show is called “Hello, Magic City!” and is the first show for Lamp in Winston-Salem since 2005.

Riot Ten, Danny B and Turt are slated to play the Blacklight District at Limelight on Friday night. There really is no excuse for missing this show if you get down with the EDM scene here in the Triad. And there’s 25 cent beers, so you party on the cheap.

And don’t drink and drive. !