Dance From Above announced the headliner for the July 30 edition of the monthly party: Braille, a producer hailing from New York and who is also known as Praveen Sharma, will bring his futuristic sounds to the Crown Room at the Carolina Theatre. Resident DJs and producers Darklove., Fiftyfootshadows and Alvin Shavers will also be holding things down on the ones and twos. DIZ!, a former Greensboro resident who now claims Charleston as his home city, will also be performing a special all-45s vinyl set of soul and funk. Treee City will be closing the night out. Tickets are $10.

It should be noted that at a recent roundtable discussion from the EDMBiz conference, DJ Z-Trip (Zach Sciacca), one of the greatest contemporary DJs still holding true to the title, put 3Lau (Justin Blau), in his place. Blau argued that DJ sets are somewhat similar to Beyonce or David Copperfield in that the shows are routines and need to be perfected beforehand. Sciacca tears into him with one discerning blow: “We’re not Beyonce or David Copperfield motherfuckers, we’re DJs.”

It seems that in this time where DJs are given thousands of dollars to press the “play” button in front of an impressive LED panel and light rig that the art of DJing is lost. You see this in clubs nowadays, but not as often. This routine – this sad and pathetic attempt to claim artistry – is the norm at large festivals where solo DJs get up and twist knobs. This argument can go on forever, but really it just comes down to voting with your wallet. While we sit in the middle of summer, which is also the middle of festival season, it’s time to check out who is really worth spending money on and who is not worth his weight in USBs.

July 17 is quickly approaching, which means Run DMT will be playing that much sooner at Limelight. Run DMT is that dark dubstep that you’ve most likely overlooked in light of newer, more over-produced garbage coming from people like 3Lau (all of those types of artist are really just faceless SoundCloud diggers – the new era of crate-digging for the lazy generation of DJs) so it’s not your fault. Do some research and get a listen on Run DMT. His set will rock your guts.

Peace Out Vapes has been taking over the Rockhouse Tavern at Ziggy’s for the past couple months, and Monday nights feature DJ Ingen on the wheels of steel (or are they plastic CDJs?). Drinks are half price, so grab the rest of your service industry friends and get down there. !