It’s always a party when DJ Hek Yeh jumps behind the tables, which means the party will be going down at Second & Green Tavern this Saturday night. Hek Yeh just dropped a bootleg remix of Walk The Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance,” so you might be able to hear that depending on the format of the set. Second & Green also has a special shot called a “Greenway,” and it’s pretty much a path to fun. It tastes like any run-of-the-mill “girly” shot, but a few of those mixed with some beers and you’ll be getting down in no time with Hek Yeh.

Friday night will see Run DMT on the decks. You can learn more about him in this week’s Tunes feature. It’s bass music, but it’s real bass music. You’ll basically be getting swoll while dancing – it’s that good.

DJ Kooldown released his live mix from Visions where he played last weekend. Do you like house music? We do, and this mix is chock full of goodies like Tensnake and Sting and the Police remixes. It gets a little big-room style towards the end, but that’s just what a good DJ set will do: Take you on a journey.

Is that lost on some DJs? Yes, it is. For some reason a lot of DJs take every opportunity to play banger tracks nonstop for an entire night without ever glancing up from the tables. Why is this? Is this because the next generation of producers and DJs will be studying cues from the likes of Tiesto and Skrillex who can, by all accounts (but don’t always) play bangers from start to finish because that’s what the crowds want? If you’re not Skrillex, or Diplo, or (vomit) Tiesto, or anyone on the DJ MAG Top 100 list, try to play for the feel of the room and you’ll probably get a better response – more than your friends telling you that you killed it while everyone else prays to God you never get booked again.

Thursday night will see the return of Marley Carroll to Greensboro for a listening party at Café Europa. Marley Carroll just celebrated the one-year anniversary of Dance From Above last month, but according to his booking agent at The Agency Group, he was already in talks to play the show at Europa. If that sounds a bit odd, it’s because it is. Marley Carroll needs a solid room to get down, but, hey, who are we to judge? Anytime a producer gets the chance to play new music for our ears, and at the couch-change price of $5, we think it’s a great idea. !