by Britt Chester

Big announcement coming from the GRiZ camp this week: the fall tour will see the Detroit native stopping in North Carolina for two dates, one in Charlotte at the Fillmore on October 17, the other in Raleigh at the Lincoln Theatre on October 20.

Grant Kweicinski, as the producer is formally known, released his third album, Say It Loud, a few months back, and aside from a sharper focus on actual production and straying from a dependence on the heavier drops, this effort leans more toward proper jazz beats. It also helps that Talib Kweli, The Floozies, and Ivan Neville have features on the album, giving GRiZ a nudge in the direction of upper-echelonproducer status.

Styles & Complete, DJ Hek Yeh and a host of other artists will take the stage alongside 2Chainz at Ziggy’s on Saturday night. In what is becoming a common trend by mashing EDM producers alongside mega-rappers to hit multiple demographics, the No Stress Fest presented by Street Execs will surely be the place be fresh as hell, just in case them Feds’ watchin’.

As if booking Run DMT at the latest edition of Blacklight District at Limelight didn’t absolutely turn you up, an announcement yesterday regarding the next headliner, LUMBERJVCK, should do the job nicely. Sadly, you’ll be waiting until August 14 to see the Los Angeles producer behind the table at Limelight, but the anticipation is half the fun anyway.

Blacklight District has been going a bit deeper than expected as far as the bookings go. With Grisly sort of leading it all off, and then following up with Run DMT, it seems Limelight is becoming the go-to spot for your EDM fix.

Greensboro has an exhaustive history with dance music in general (see our twopart cover story “Rolling Through Babylon” published November 19 and 26), and now that enough time has passed it’s coming back around again. It’s good to see the scene embracing a new sound and evolving with this generation of music.

Underdog Records in Winston-Salem has been promoting its Kickstarter campaign to fund an expansion, doubling the size of the shop to include the B-Side Lounge. With that said, a big congratulations is in order to the local record shop for surpassing the goal of $4,000 with 19 days still left in the campaign. The reward tiers are still relevant, which means if you want to continue donating you can do so and receive cool stuff like koozies, LPs, turntables, and a whole lot more depending on how much you donate. !