Well, we spoke a little soon last week when we announced Magical Mistakes playing at Dance From Above this month: It turns out Astro Nautico as a label will be represented by Obey City, Kuhn, Time Wharp and Magical Mistakes. DFA will be your best dance bet to finish off August.

Blacklight District brings Lumberjvck this week to Limelight, as well as DJ Cash Prize$ and Freaky. The Rave Cave Stage hosts Neuron Husky, Spunge, and Kristyle. This event is not for the kiddos, although it is 18 to party and 21 to drink. It’ll only run you $7 if you buy pre-sale, otherwise expect to drop $10 at the door on the night of the show.

Must Be The Holy Ghost just announced the next show in Winston, which takes place on September 19 at The Garage. Dark Prophet Tongueless Monk and Pleasures are set to play alongside the Winston local.

Turquoise Jeep Records also just announced an upcoming show at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro. It’s a little out of the way, but if you want to “smang it” with Flynt Flossy, Yung Humma and the rest of the Turquoise Jeep squad, you’ll go ahead and engrave this one into your calendar. The show is set for November 20, so you’ve got more than enough time to plan.

GLO Paint Party Tour is coming back to Greensboro at Arizona Pete’s on Saturday, August 22. Expect to see DJ Dirty, Supa Skip and DJ Cam dropping bangers from decks. If you’ve never been to a paint party, it is precisely what you’d expect: Gallons upon gallons of paint sprayed from the stage into the glowing crowd. And get all worried about being covered in neon and having to wash it off for days. It’s the easy-clean wash-off water-based stuff that does, in fact, stain your clothes. Wear lots of white, and that’s coming from experience, but don’t wear sneakers that you want to remain clean.

DJ D3ric will take to the tables at Second & Green Tavern in Winston- Salem on August 28. Elusive Groove takes the headlining spot with reggae jams for the remainder of the evening. It would be pretty cool if these guys collaborated beforehand and set-up some way of playing reggaeton/moombahton together. Few things get a party jumping like some dancehall-style jams, and with Elusive Groove’s fluent understanding of reggae and D3ric’s tendencies toward dubstep, things could get really creative. !