Underdog Records is pushing fullsteam ahead with the renovations coming to the Winston-Salem vinyl shop. There have been some photos shared via social media, the likes of which include forthcoming vinyl releases and a new kegerator for the addition. We look forward to seeing this place in full when everything gets finished up.

Saturday night at Chemistry Nightclub will feature something a bit different: A UV Paint Party with free body painting and drag shows starting at 10 p.m. Weekends at Chemistry seem to be the place to hear all sorts of house music and dance jams, so check out the Greensboro club and get down to some old school hits.

There is some big stuff happening at Hopfest this weekend with Matt Hollingsworth, aka Darklove., mixing things up a bit. Alongside Snare Blankets, a Virginia-based musician, Darklove. will be playing a mash-up style set consisting of the biggest hits form hip-hop, rap, and other genres. Snare Blankets will be manning the drums while Darklove. takes over the decks. It’s a different kind of set – something more along the lines of GirlTalk and Z-Trip but with live drums. Bring your dance pants.

Caked Up just got announced at Ziggy’s for September 5. Caked Up is part of this new school generation of producers who came in with the bubble of trap music, and surprisingly, hasn’t been forgotten like so many of his contemporaries. Trap music is an acquired taste, and much like the early dubstep producers, received negative feedback from most of the community when it hit the mainstream. People started coming up with terms like “festival trap,” which is just trap music played at a festival (I guess). Then you get the people who try too hard to define music – “Post-Soviet Russia Tropical Dubstep” – and just end up muddying the waters with pointless terms. Caked Up is loud and will make you dance, err, twerk.

If you’re in the mood for a short drive, head over to Raleigh on Friday night for PULSE: Electronic Dance Party featuring Horus, Genki, Oko Yono and Val. The party starts at 9 p.m. and will only cost you $10 to get down. !