If you weren’t able to make it out to Hopfest 2015, then let it be known that you missed a helluva set from Darklove and Snare Blankets (and all the other bands, but Needle Drop is geared toward the DJ side of life.) Peppered throughout the entire day, Darklove’s DJing was accompanied by Snare Blankets on the drums – an added live element that is often lost on the world of DJing. It’s not the first time, though, that a DJ has played alongside a live drummer. Early on in the career of Pretty Lights (Derek Vincent Smith likes to clarify that he is a “producer” and not a “DJ”), the stage was not set for a solo act, but instead saw Smith alongside Cory Eberhard, who was followed by Adam Deitch (Break Science, Lettuce). The live element opens up the doors to more mistakes in what would otherwise be a flawless set primarily played from a computer. At Hopfest, there were a few missteps in the timing, but those kinks were worked out halfway through the first set, which made the second and third both enjoyable and refreshing. It will be fun to watch these two artists get together in the future to see what they are able to achieve.

Blacklight District has also announced for Sept. 11 the headliner DV-US from the Raleigh area. Sean Bannard and Bryan Ulma are the two brains behind the play on words (we assume “devious” for OBV-US reasons) group, but make no mistake, this is not bass music for lovers of all things soft: This is music to get wild to. Heavy bass drops, laser pew-pews, and a whole lot of grinding synths are on the menu, so come hungry for the whomp.

Caked Up returns to Ziggy’s on Sept. 5. One can’t help but assume that “Caked Up” is what most people declare upon leaving a Steve Aoki show, but this is one where you’ll just leave sweaty. Locals Hk Yeh! and Trillion share the opening bill with Danny B, Luneffekt, and Kooldown, and there is a special hip-hop performance from Big Lo, 485, Shwaty and Bando. !