DV-US, a duo based out of Raleigh, will make a Greensboro appearance at Blacklight District at Limelight on Friday night. Fresh on the heels of their performance at Imagine Festival, the pair will probably lay a trap-heavy assault on the dance floor of the Greensboro venue. Billed with the City of Oaks DJs is Snyder and Seanyy, as well as Neuron Husky, King Boo and Nati on the Rave Cave Stage.

As if Dance From Above bringing Sinkane a few weeks back wasn’t enough, the DFA squad got tasked with curating the lineup for Show of Hands, a voter registration event produced by SynerG, Face to Face and Church World Services on September 24. Also on the lineup is Quilla, Ismo One, Little People and a special DJ set by !!! (Chk Chk Chk) lead singer Allan Wilson. Given DFA’s success in 2015 thus far, this will surely be the event to check out that will dwarf all others.

Hopscotch returns to Raleigh this week, and with it comes one of the most epic lineups to ever hit the downtown district. Tycho, Cashmere Cat and TV On The Radio are just some of the acts performing (which we think are worthy of noting in this section, which is devoted to dancing), but then there is also Clang Quartet (whom we featured a few weeks ago as part of our roundup for Cringe Con II), Boulevards, DJ Earl and Pusha T, all of whom will surely have you sweating by the end of their respective sets.

Caked Up hit Ziggy’s over the weekend, and with the once-duonow-seems-like-a-solo project came the Triad’s DJ Hek Yeh and Trillion. Trillion, better known as John Coyne, is one of the masterminds behind Blacklight District, which is doing everything it can to push the EDM sounds in Greensboro. Hek Yeh also just held impromptu dance-court at RJ Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, which seems like an odd place to blast some throwback hiphop grooves and dance jams, but Hek Yeh might be one of the most positive influences in the EDM scene locally, so it was kept appropriate. One time for that dude doing everything he can to support the community. Check out his new CML CTY hats available through his Facebook page and via SquareUp. Com/market/dj-hek-yeh. !