It looks like Crywolf is returning to the Lincoln Theatre again this week on Saturday night for a late night set. It seems like the producer has strayed pretty far from his early sound, which was intent on following the mainstream obsession with drops and bass. The music is a bit more lovely now – perhaps a shift in mind-state has sent the producer deep in a rabbit hole of searching for himself through the muddled world of EDM. He just returned from Iceland where he successfully crowd-sourced the funds to rent a cabin for a month to write and record a forthcoming album (Cataclasm, due 11/20). Dysphoria, the latest effort from the North Carolina native, shows a more introspective side to his work, and definitely a great lead into the where you can assume the next album will land. Whether or not any of this emotion translates in the live show is up to the listener, and entirely depends on what tracks he chooses to press play on.

Eliot Lipp and Mind Elixir will be sharing the bill for the upcoming October 9 edition of Blacklight District.

In national news, Tomorrow World 2015 held in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, might go down in history as the most Tweeted about music festival of the year. The massive EDM event said to draw upward of 190,000 people over the course of the three-day festival ran into some inclement weather that actually shut down transportation to the event on the final day. This situation saw thousands of people, perhaps even in the tens of thousands, stranded in the cold, wet rain. Photos circulated social media sites about people sleeping on the side of the road, and some being forced to pay a minimum $75 pick-up fee to taxi cabs. A bunch of EDM artists played the festival, but so far the only press is plagued with negative feedback about the logistics of the event. There’s also the argument that all these rich kids went out in the woods to do drugs and listen to shitty dance music and got what they deserved. (Editor’s note: Having attended Tomorrow World in its first year, I can attest lots of the music is, in fact, shitty. One source claimed to have heard the same song played 50 times from the main stage, which is shitty.) It’s hilarious, too, that the event was sponsored by T-Mobile and Uber yet no one could get a ride or get cell reception to call friends for help. !