A new documentary has been running at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (just a little AmTrak ride north) called “Taken By Storm: The Art of Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis.” Storm Thorgerson is the visionary artist behind some of the most famous records in history. If you think “Dark Side of the Moon” when you see a prism, it’s because of Storm Thorgerson. If “Houses of the Holy” is what comes to mind when you see small children climbing on rocks, well, it’s Storm Thorgerson who is due for the credit. The documentary ta lks about his process as an artist, and how working with iconic rock and roll bands over the years allowed him to express his own vision. There is no set release date for distribution, and the next showing is in London. It seems a local record shop (lookin’ at you, CFBG, Hippo Records, Earshot and Underdog) should look into getting a premier.

The big countdown for Eliot Lipp is coming to an end. Blacklight District hosts the Pretty Lights Music artist alongside Charlotte’s own bass maestro Mind Elixir, aka Bill Schimmel. Eliot Lipp works every kink and coil in a synth doing what he can to create sounds and music that does not, repeat, DOES NOT, fall in line with your typical EDM stuff. Lipp powered his way onto the Pretty Lights imprint because he’s pushing the envelope with analog music, like many of his peers on the same label, under the funk and soul umbrella. The live show is equally impressive because he’s controlling it all before your eyes, which, again, is a nice change of pace from watching one guy jog back and forth between two CDJs.

Dance From Above released the big announcement for Halloween: DJ Earl and Starfoxxx will be headlining the October 29 event. You might remember the smooth sounds of Starfoxxx from past DFAs, and if you were able to catch Hopscotch in Raleigh this year then you could’ve caught DJ Earl at Neptune’s on the opening night of the festival. DJ Earl hails from Chicago, so the house is strong with this one, as is the bass and tek. Halloween won’t be the same after this one.

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