With a little over two weeks until Halloween, so begins the onslaught of publicity and advertising dedicated to themed events. (Although we won’t pass any judgment, we do not recommend dressing-up as “Slutty Record Player” for no reason other than it’s a bad costume idea. But, hey, to each their own.)

Blacklight District announced Apashe for its end-of-month throwdown. Unlike this past weekend’s guest, Eliot Lipp, Apashe comes on strong with the bass and trap styles of dance music. This is the heavy stuff you’ve come to enjoy in those dark clubs with flashing lights – it’s great music to grind and twerk. Take a tip from Miley Cyrus and drop it to the floor.

Sunday night at Blind Tiger will see Melanie Martinez headlining a sold-out show at the Spring Garden venue. You may recognize Melanie Martinez from the hit TV show “The Voice,” or from her smash hit “Carousel,” which was featured on American Horror Story: Freak Show, but however you know her, it’s because she’s a pop sensation who has managed to find her way from the television stages to the mainstream radio. You can’t help but dance to her music – it’s pop music that dances on the border of electro, which apparently is the formula to sell records these days.

Cone Denim Entertainment Center has been ramping up its bookings, namely with Waka Flocka coming on October 22 and Ciara coming on December 1. Remember Ciara? She sang that “Goodies” song that featured Petey Pablo. Petey Pablo loves North Carolina so much he made millions of people take their shirts off and spin them around their heads like helicopters. Here’s to hoping Petey Pablo makes a little cameo, but that’s pretty unlikely.

If you were a fan of that “Clint Eastwood” song by The Gorillaz, then you’ll be as excited as we are to find out that the band is planning on releasing another album in early 2016. This news dropped when band member Jamie Hewlett explained what he’s been working on in a recent interview with DIY Magazine. !