Nacho Daddy’s: Nacho regular restaurant

by Brittany Mollis

There are some days when your body craves ethnic food.

You wake up and go to work, and by noon, your stomach starts talking to you. Once you hear it, you consider your food options.

“Well, I do have that Special K bar in my drawer,” you tell your stomach.

Growl. “What about the cup of noodles I brought in?” Growl. Then you get an idea. It’s an idea so grand that your eyes widen, and you look up to the ceiling as if you just had an epiphany.

“I want Mexican food,” you say out loud to no one in particular. “Wait, no. I need Mexican food,” you correct yourself. Once you start thinking about the guacamole and the chimichangas, nothing else matters until they are in your stomach. If you don’t feed the craving, your entire day will revolve around that enchilada you never got. You will be in a meeting, and instead of listening to what your bosses are talking about you will be sitting there thinking, “This meeting would be way more enjoyable if we had some chips and salsa.”

When the craving hits, you have to give in. I have the perfect place for you to feed the craving.

Nacho Daddy’s Mexican Grill is the place. I suggest it for lunch because I know that when people need a quick fix for their Mexican food craving, they will head to Taco Bell on their lunch break. Don’t do it, guys. Nacho Daddy’s has authentic Mexican food, and it will be on your table within ten minutes of ordering.

One of my favorite things about going to a Mexican restaurant is that the staff often treats you like you are part of the family. The staff at Nacho Daddy’s is friendly, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is fun.

Every time I go to a Mexican restaurant, I like to order the ACP. The real name of the dish is called “Arroz con Pollo,” and I’m pretty sure that the English translation is “magical deliciousness.” The ACP is a tasty mix of chicken, rice, cheese and a few surprise vegetables like corn and peppers. Nacho Daddy’s ACP was one of the best I have ever had.

If you can fight your midday craving long enough to wait for dinner, Nacho Daddy’s offers generous dinner portions. Their menu is large, and it offers customers a wide variety of Mexican cuisine to cure the cravings. Nacho Daddy’s serves everything that authentic Mexican restaurants should, and their service is muy r’pido. I came in to Nacho Daddy’s starving, and twenty-five minutes later, I was paying my bill with a satisfied stomach.

The prices at Nacho Daddy’s are reasonable. For two orders of ACP, cheese dip, a beer and a Diet Pepsi, the total bill was $23. In case you are wondering, that wasn’t all for me. My brother had the beer.

Their drink menu was impressive. Mexican restaurants are known for margaritas, but Nacho Daddy’s has their own, unique blends of the drink. They have something called a “Big Apple Margarita” as well as a “Redneck Margarita.” They also offer the classic margarita as well as daiquiris, wine and beer.

Next time you’re at work, and that craving hits you like a ton of bricks, you know that Nacho Daddy’s will be there to cure it. !



Nacho Daddy’s is located at 564 Hanes Mall Blvd. in Winston-Salem. They are open M-Thrs from 11am to 10pm, Fri/Sat 11am to 10:30pm and Sun 11am to 9pm. Contact 336-331-3437.