Natty Greene’s And Revolution Mill Announce New Restaurant Concept

by Rich Lewis

It’s been a long time in the works and on Tuesday representatives from the Greensboro City Council, Self Help Ventures (parent company of Revolution Mills) and Natty Greene’s Brewing Co. officially announced Natty’s will be creating a new concept restaurant on the historic property’s site.Natty’s co-founder Kayne Fisher explained to the crowd at the press conference, “This has been a two-year process for us and one of our most important decisions we’ve ever made in a 20-year career for us. Since we began downtown in 2004 we’ve worked a dozen years to develop a brand that we’re proud of and that Greensboro can be proud of.”He explained that as they grew, Natty’s caught the attention of others, with municipalities in North Carolina and Virginia actively courting the brewing company to move their operations.”We were flattered that other cities reached out to us,” he continued. “But it is so good to come back here and announce that we’ll be working with Revolution Mills. Why Revolution Mills and Greensboro? The attachment to historic properties is kind of our M.O. (modus operandi) and to see the group behind this place along with the Mill’s rich history— Why would we not want to be a part of that?”Natty Greene’s Kitchen + Market will fill the 9,000 sq. ft. Carpenter’s shop building at the old textile mill that has been undergoing massive restoration and repurposing. Working from Natty Greene’s reputation for locally producing great brews, this will bring the concept of local to fruition by not just bringing local foodstuffs, but also offering it to patrons as either a dine in or a local market experience.”This dream, this concept came from backyard cookouts and spending time with families,” Fisher said. “We wanted to go back to when food was simpler. We’ll bring the butcher, the baker and the beer maker together.”He explained that there will be a full butchery facility on the premises which will handle not just the meat for the restaurant, but offer daily cuts, sausages and charcuterie in the market. A bakery will be on site, too, providing bread and desserts for both dine in and market visitors. Local vegetables and other food products will also be featured on the menus. The beer— well, you know they’ll have that covered.”Our menu will be based on 30 standard items, all of which will be house made,” Fisher continued. “And you’ll be able to see three big boards: one with daily cuts (always with beef, fish, poultry, pork and game), one with sides featuring locally grown vegetables and classics like mac and cheese, and the third board will feature desserts.”It really comes down to doing the classic meat and three sides, but a bit more than just that,” he said. “And here, you’ll know your butcher, your baker and of course your beer maker.”There’s a lot of work to be done in getting the place together and open, though. Plans right now are for the restaurant (which will feature traditional dining space, a bar, private dining areas and a huge patio area for additional dining space) to open in the beginning of 2017. Fisher expects the facility to employ about 65 people and the overall investment will run nearly $3 million.If you are a big fan of Natty Greene’s famed downtown establishment, don’t worry. Fisher said it will remain open and continue to serve patrons there as well. Natty Greene’s Brewing Co. beers will also still be available in local stores as well as outlets running from Washington, DC to Savannah, GA.