Needle Drop The Playlist

by Britt Chester

This weekend is promising to be one for the books with thelineups all over town. One of the spotlights for the upcoming weekend goes to Caked Up, which is some of your heavierEDM being blasted through the stacks at Ziggy’son Saturday night. Tickets go for $20 and the show should get started around 10p.m. You’ll also get the monster sounds of DannyB, Hek Yeh!, Luneffekt, Trillion, and Kooldown.This is going to be a pretty massive show in terms of dance music – Hek Yeh! hasa new remix of the Major Lazer/Mocollaboration, “Lean On,” and Trillion has been busy at work keeping thingsmoving with BlackLight District inGreensboro. There’s a bunch of sponsors on this show, so keep your eyes peeledfor Neon Black and 4Five Clothing brands.

If you happen to stop by Underdog Records in Winston-Salem be sure to ask about theforthcoming renovations. Things are already underway for the humble record shopon Burke Street, and it looks like the expansion will provide some more space tocheck out vinyl. Oh, and you’ll be able to sip brews fresh off the tap whileyou shop.

We took the opportunity to check out Second & Green Tavern on Friday night, which featured a massiveoutdoor stage backdropped by the Winston-Salem skyline. Thursday apparently sawThe Plaids headlining the stage, butFriday brought out DJ D3ric and Elusive Groove. DJ D3ric was casuallyrocking the stage with some bass-heavy reggae remixes and (what can now beconsidered) classic dubstep tracks – an appropriate prelude to Elusive Groove.The parking lot where the stage was setup wasn’t packed, at least not as packedas it should be, so it will be interesting to see if Second & Green canturn this into a regular thing. Aside from the music (which is always thedraw), the skyline provides a different background, and there were fireworksgoing off from the Dash game. All in all, let’s hope Second & Green bringssome more DJs and throws some rad parking lot parties.

Jared Draughon, known locally as Must Be The Holy Ghost (see him play alongside Dark Prophet Tongeluess Monk and Pleasures at The Garageon September 19), has just released a re-issue of Get Off, which featurestwo additional tracks.