New York fashion organization to visit NC A&T

NC A&T State University will receive a visit from a New York-based fashion organization during their fall campus tour, inviting students to learn about today’s fashion industry and the people who paved the way for designers of color.

Harlem’s Fashion Row (HFR) is a social company that provides a voice for multicultural designers through a creative platform that enables these designers to sell and present their collections to key leaders within the fashion industry. Designers of color represent less than 1 percent of designers available in major department stores. In an industry that has grossed over 250 billion dollars in 2013 alone, the voice of designers of color are not being heard, celebrated, and acknowledged. HFR was created for the sole purpose of breaking that industry standard.

The organization was founded by Brandice Daniel, a well-experienced fashion expert who considered herself self-pro claimed and the most unlikely candidate.

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Daniel like many others moved to New York City in search of the big dream. With a resume expanding over 12 years in fashion, including a background as a buyer and production manager, her passion became clear but producing a fashion organization was not in the plans. Daniels produced her first fashion event in Harlem, New York City in August, 2007 with the help of 20 volunteers who had faith in her vision. The show entitled “Harlem’s Fashion Row” was a success and has opened the door to her calling in fashion.

HFR has a show every September during New York Fashion Week. The organization’s intention is to showcase multicultural designers that are highly underrepresented. This year the show was held at Pier 59 and featured many celebrity influencers including Mary J Blige, Ty Hunter, Michaela Angela Davis, and many more. The show presented designs from M-SEW, Fe Noel and The Fashion Deli’s collections. HFR also honored Tracee Ellis Ross, Bevy Smith, Misa Hylton, Groovey Lew, Kahlana Barfield, Rachel Johnson and the Macy’s team for their commitment to diversity.

HFR further expanded their brand in 2014 with the creation of Harlem’s Fashion Row University (HFR-U). “Harlem’s Fashion Row University was created so that I could touch the next upcoming generation of fashion professionals by expanding students’ knowledge of the fashion and retail industries,” said Daniel. HFR-U offers professional development via practical training and mentoring during workshops and creative events. “I wanted to make sure that the students understood and know the people who are paving the way for them, and make them more accessible to the students.”

In September, HFR-U embarked upon a tour visiting historically black colleges and universities to enlighten students about the fashion industry. “The ultimate goal is build HFR-U chapters on HBCU campuses across the US and build a network of students interested in the fashion/ retail business,” said Daniel, who is excited for the tours upcoming visit to A&T. “We hope that HFR-U will be a resource for jobs and mentors.”

The HFR-U tour anticipates bringing an amazing panel group to the students and enlighten them about the vast majority of opportunities there are in the fashion, business, and media industries. The audience can expect a lot of valuable advice that can be applied to their aspiring careers and students can expect to have intimate access to some of the fashion industry’s most influential professionals. This year, the HFR-U tour will include a diverse panel of industry experts, which includes health and beauty director of Teen Vogue Elaine Welteroth, fashion designer Kimberly Goldson, and celebrity stylist Wouri Vice.

HFR and HFR-U is committed to a highquality experience through every event with an innovative and inspiring display of fashion. It is a celebration of a fashion forward community that reflects the culture and personal experience of designers of color. It takes a village to raise an artist and HFR is that village. !


The tour will be visiting A&T on October 29th and the event will be held from 6 – 8pm. The location has not yet been announced.