Nicole Crews

by Brian Clarey

Man, is it just us or have we not seen this week’s Page Three model, Nicole Crews, in forever? Nicole, formerly a Greensboro cultural writer and bon vivant, has receded from the local media spotlight and for the past three years or so been working as the editor in chief of the statewide glossy NCBoatingLifestyle magazine, where she divides her time between the lakes region, river country and the coast of the Old North State when she’s not hunched over her desk biting her nails and screaming at writers over the phone. And still she manages to keep her reputation as a muse. This image, an oil on canvas by artist Derick Crenshaw, is titled Spill the Wine and shows the former Miss Thomasville in her natural habitat, enjoying a sample of the vintner’s art and showing a bit of cleavage. More of Crenshaw’s work, which he calls “peopled landscapes,” can be seen at his website, As for Ms. Crews, her writing is more or less limited to the realm of the powerboating lifestyle these days, though it’s a good bet that you can catch her at Fisher’s Grill in between seaside adventures and her hermetic production schedule.