Niki Geiger, Laura Chavis and Emily Barefoot

by Brian Clarey

For the first time in history we’re tripling up on Page Three with this photo taken near the corner of Walker and Elam in the part of town we affectionately call the Whiskey District. First from the left is Niki Geiger from the Blind Tiger, and you don’t want to know how long it took this 22-year-old UNCG rising senior to find a job at a place that rhymed with her name. Holding down the center is Laura Chavis, wife to humungous Blind Tiger doorman Aaron and owner of Top Level Tan inside Fitness Today at Quaker Village (there’s your plug, Laura). At left is Emily Barefoot, a 23 year old rising senior at UNCG who, among other things, tends bar at the Outback Steakhouse in Burlington and contrary to her appellation is actually quite fond of wearing shoes.