Nix Given

by YES! Weekly staff

We flipped the script, as it were, this week on Page Three, when we invited photographer Nix Given to do some work on the other side of the shutter. Given, who is originally from El Paso, Texas, says she’s been in Greensboro since 2004, and thus far her photography career has brought her to weddings, fashion shoots and burlesque shows. “I like to do my own art shots and stuff like that,” she says, “but that’s not what pays the bills.” She also works at Kinko’s, and makes us rethink the conventional wisdom that bartenders and cops have the best work stories. “The last nightmare customer I had was this old gentleman who started accusing all the other customers of being Republicans,” she recalls. Go ahead and hire her by e-mailing or checking out her Flickr page at “I know ‘elixir’ is misspelled,” she says, “but in print it’s much easier to read.”