No more Republican outrages

by James Wesley Potts

I think all Americans should send a bag of sand to King Bushie, the Republican leadership and all of their gang. It seems they are no longer the party of the elephant, but have become the party of the ostrich. Whenever they see or hear something they don’t want to see or hear, they holler, “I didn’t know” and bury their collective heads in the sand.

Isn’t it their job to know? Isn’t that why they were elected? Doesn’t the buck stop somewhere other than those traitorous Democrats?

I do have to admit that I feel so much safer, now that the Department of Homeland Security is protecting us from the Axis of Evil terrorists of Canada. Who else could have figured out that drugs made here in America, when sold to Canada, became full of evil before they were sold back to Americans? Why do you think they are so cheap? It couldn’t have anything to do with all the millions that drug companies poured into the royal coffers.

I say, “No more! Not in my name! Not on my watch! Not in my country!” No more torture. No more arrests without charges. No more detainment without time limits. No more lies, no more cover-ups, no more pedophiles. They should all go into rehab, while the rest of us draw charges against them.

Bush and his cronies have declared the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Geneva Convention null and void. Where are true American patriots? Are they wrapped up in the Patriot Act with the American flag covering their heads, afraid to speak out or speak up?

I consider it not only my right but my duty to protest. If American citizens don’t protest, shame on them. This is not the America I grew up in.

James Wesley Potts is a resident of Kernersville.