North Carolina Sin Cities

by Eric Ginsburg

Asheville a “cesspool of sin”

The primary sponsor of North Carolina’s Defense of Marriage Act, Sen. Jim Forrester (R-Gaston County), recently called Asheville a “cesspool of sin.” He later explained his reasoning, saying, “They have a lot of very liberal people. They have a lot of homosexuals that live in the Asheville area.” His comments garnered plenty of attention, but there are many other “sin cities” in North Carolina, too.


Winston-Salem does have a very phallic shaped skyscraper, but it’s what happens inside Charlotte’s buildings that should be of the gravest concern, not to mention the streets outside. The state’s largest city is notorious for banking, and these moneygrubbers are amongst the greediest in the state. At the same time, the city has more murders and violent crime overall than any other city in the state.

Chapel Hill

Though it is unlikely that anyone has studied this scientifically, it’s not hard to guess that Chapel Hill is home to more people who are not “honoring their mother and father” per capita than any other community in the state. Chapel Hill is filled with sinful young adults who appear all to eager to be out from under their parents’ watchful eyes.


This town south of the Triad is most well known for its annual barbecue festival. On Oct. 22, gluttons from throughout the land will gather and indulge in worldly pleasures of the flesh — pig flesh that is. There is such thing as too much of a good thing, and God warned us against this kind of gluttony.


Besides the obvious liberal bent of the city that is a safe haven for hoards of heathens, Durham is also the home of Duke University. Duke fans are notorious for violating one of the seven deadly sins: vainglory, or unjustified boasting. These fans are guilty of worshipping false gods on the court, and their mascot is the Blue Devils, for crying out loud.

High Point

The Ten Commandments tell us not to covet our neighbors, and anyone who lives in High Point would be lying to say they weren’t envious of Greensboro and Winston-Salem. The same could be said for many other towns like Kernersville or Garner, but with the overindulgence of High Point University, Greensboro’s “11 th toe” is a notch above (or is it below?) the rest.


They say things move more slowly in the South, and in the summer months it borders on sloth. The hottest average temperatures are in Whiteville, which has a normal maximum temperature of 92.6 degrees in July. While not as sinful as some other cities in the state, the lethargy of locals in all of North Carolina’s southernmost counties is cause for concern.


The Ten Commandments require that we do not bear false witness, and it’s become clear in the past few years that this is exactly what supposed experts at the SBI lab in Raleigh have been doing. News stories from your very own YES! Weekly highlighted the sinful practices of ignoring evidence that could have kept innocent people out of prison, and we can be sure that there is a special circle in hell for acts like these.


The first time I drove into Greensboro it was immediately apparent: This city has loose morals and makes no attempt to hide it. A topless car wash greets motorists as they exit Interstate 40 towards Guilford College, and the city is littered with strip clubs and other adult businesses. Even the politicians acknowledge it, fighting to stop perverts and deviants from accessing pornography on library computers.


It is possible to drive through Cherokee unaware of the sin all around you. Surrounded by the Smoky Mountains, the small town off the Blue Ridge Parkway attracts almost 4 million people every year because of the Harrah’s casino, which opened in 2005. Everyone knows good Christians and Southern gentlemen like Jim Forrester wouldn’t be caught dead playing the slot machines.