Not only is there no light, there’s no tunnel

by Ogi Overman

As Taggert, Slim Pickens’ character in Blazing Saddles, said, “I am depressed.”

I thought I’d been granted a temporary reprieve, a way to laugh my way through the pain, but it has backfired on me. It’s getting worse, not better.

My friend of 30 years, Rik Lea, a disabled Vietnam vet, gave me a present a few months ago that was designed to lift my spirits and get a chuckle out of the desperate situation our leaderless country finds itself in. It’s a key chain about the size of a credit card that says, “01.20.09 Bush’s Last Day” and contains a small digital clock that counts down the days, hours, minutes, seconds and tenths of seconds until that person who calls himself president is constitutionally removed from office. It’s a constant, visible reminder that when you’re going through hell, just keep going, that this too shall pass.

But there’s a problem. The seconds, minutes and hours count down just fine – but the days stay the same! In the four months or so since I’ve been carrying Rik’s gift, only 10 days have elapsed, from 726 to 716, in his remaining tenure. This morning, after his latest thumbing of the nose at the nation and world, I got so depressed that I had to go online to one of the dozens of websites that are counting down the days to find out exactly how much more of this torture we must endure. The answer, if you pick up this paper on its publication date, is exactly 600.

God help us.

Six hundred days. Obviously, that’s 600 too many, but what choice do we have? My spineless Democratic brethren took the impeachment option off the table the moment they assumed control of Congress, even though every Constitutional scholar I’ve heard who has spoken out on the issue has enumerated between four and eight articles of impeachment that have merit. And since then, any glimmer of hope we may have had that things would get better with at least a semblance of checks and balances restored has been obliterated. Congress has revealed itself to be a paper tiger, cowering meekly before the executive branch every time it has a chance to exercise the will of the people. Premier

Bushcheneyrove and their two mouthpieces, Gonzo and Snowjob, have the perfect answer for every issue that is raised by anyone who opposes them, and it works every single time – they lie. They simply come up with the Big Lie and, plausible or not, stick to it. They’re gotten way past spin, left embellishment in the dirt, passed obfuscation like it was standing still. And, yes, saying that you don’t recall when you damn well do fulfills all the legal and moral definitions of a lie.

The subpoenas the committee chairmen issued have yielded nothing, being routinely ignored by Rove. Gonzo told a thousand lies of omission before Congress and the whole country knew it, yet he is still the attorney general. Rove lied to the grand jury about his role in exposing a CIA agent’s identity, and everybody knew it, and he still remains the most powerful man on earth. Cheney tells a lie every time his lips move, yet he is still rattling sabers aboard aircraft carriers steaming toward the inevitable confrontation with Iran. And the guy… him… takes all buzz words and phrases containing references to 9-11, al Qaeda, funding the troops, fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here, central front in the war on terror, blah blah, from his speeches and all that remains is, appropriately, duh.

When the Dems took over the legislative branch, the worst that could happen, we reasoned, was that Bush would at least be neutralized, that he would be so hamstrung that he could do no further damage. But even that mild hope has proven false. We have more, not fewer, troops in Iraq; more aggression, and less diplomacy, worldwide; more good money being thrown after bad in a futile cause in Iraq.

And no end in sight.

The only scenario I can see developing that might offer some relief is the possibility that the Duh might actually impeach himself. He may get caught in a lie from which he can’t extricate himself (pick one) and leave the Congress no choice. Six hundred days is more than enough time to launch impeachment proceedings, and every day is precious. Every day saved is several lives and a billion dollars saved.

But again, I don’t see it happening. Bush will be thumbing his nose at us on his last day in office, just as he will have the first 2,860.

But then we can thumb back.

Then the depression may lift.

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