Not to worry, God’s on our side

by Ogi Overman

And you never ask questions

when God’s on your side.

‘— Bob Dylan

It’s a bit premature for the national press to jump on this story, but since I’ve been out front on the Bush-bashing bandwagon (on the local level, at least) since before the Supreme Court awarded him the presidency, I’ll go ahead and plant another seed.

On Oct. 26 we reached a significant milestone in the war on Iraq, when we recorded our 2000th American casualty. The occasion was met with requisite fanfare but should pale in comparison to the coverage afforded the next benchmark. I’ve been doing some ciphering, and the way I figure it that date should come around the middle of August, 2006. Based on my calculations of three deaths per day, that is roughly when we will have lost more Americans in Iraq than the 2,986 official death toll on 9/11, ostensibly the reason we are there. Plus, we’ll have a double whammy a few days later when we hit the 3,000 mark.

This is going to sound callous and perverse, but from my perspective, the timing couldn’t be better. Here’s why, but first a little background.

We’re hearing the phrase ‘tipping point’ used a lot lately in reference to sentiment against the war. I think we officially hit it when Rep. John Murtha, a Vietnam war hero and avowed hawk, broke ranks and suggested it’s time to redeploy the troops and get the hell out of an unwinnable situation. A rational administration would have taken heed, admitted to its mistakes, and begun mending fences both here and abroad. Jeez Louise, Bush’s approval ratings are approaching the Warren G. Harding level, Republicans are jumping ship from both the port and starboard side, the CIA leak case is zeroing in on both his brain (Rove) and his boss (Cheney), a new scandal pops up virtually daily (Abramoff, Cunningham, DeLay, Frist, Pentagon planting stories, etc.), so what does Bush do? He goes to the Naval Academy and gives a defiant speech saying the US will stay in Iraq, by God, as long as it takes to complete the mission and defeat the enemy. (He doesn’t say exactly what the mission is or who the enemy is, but let’s not confuse him with details.)

In the face of near-mutiny, it defies all logic that Bush would take such an uncompromising stance. But there’s another layer to the story that explains it perfectly.

Last week on two different TV news programs, two White House beat reporters appeared, both of whom asserted without reservation that people in a position to know had told them that Bush honestly believes he is God’s messenger. That God put him in this position at this time in human history to fight for Christianity. That it is his mission to spread the gospel throughout the world. That he is taking orders directly from God.

In other words, the boy’s gone off the deep end.

If he starts showing up for photo ops in a powder blue polyester suit, with a garish and mismatched necktie, and his hair is perfect, and he turns ‘Jesus’ into a five-syllable word (Ja-HE-uh-sus-uh), you’ll know we’re in serious trouble, brothers and sisters. Can I get an amen?

Forgive me, but I am somehow distrustful of people who talk to God ‘— and God talks back. It smacks of Anal Roberts going up in his prayer tower and staying until contributions from the flock reach a certain dollar figure. I mean, don’t serial killers often get their orders straight from God? Perhaps, like Son of Sam, it’s actually Bush’s dog that is talking to him. Maybe we should start calling him Son of George.

But seriously, it’s that evangelical zeal and moral certitude bordering on megalomania that’s going to get him impeached. He is so convinced that God is on his side that he is willing to sacrifice the mid-term elections and throw enough Republican congressmen and senators under the bus that the Democrats are going to take over both houses. And once the Dems gain control of the committee chairs we’ll start to see the impeachment machinery crank up in earnest.

Feeding into all this, of course, will be the media frenzy surrounding the Iraq body count surpassing the 9/11 total. Which, conveniently for me and what is now a majority of Americans, should come a month or two before the elections.

Considering the hell he is setting up for himself for the last two years of his term ‘— if he makes it that long ‘— he’s going to need God on his side.

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