Not too soon, and not too late

by YES! Staff

In the days following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., they said it was too soon to talk about guns — most of them the people who supported the legal climate in this country that contributed to the horror story.

They said it was too soon, but really, it was too late. It’s too late to take the Bushmaster semi-automatic weapon, capable of firing five rounds per second, out of the hands of the madman who sprayed bullets through a school and murdered 20 children and seven adults.

And in the days following the killings, those who wanted to talk about gun control were met with strong resistance by gun owners — but not, oddly enough, by the National Rifle Association, which has taken down its Facebook page and waited until Tuesday evening to announce a Friday press conference to address the issue.


Maybe the NRA has gone silent because the nation’s most powerful’ lobby is realizing that its narrative is collapsing — that guns really do kill people, and some of them are better equipped for the task than others.

Another tenet of the NRA pits re- sponsible gun owners against those who would take them away, another falsity that the tragedy has revealed.

Many of us are in the middle here — people who respect the Second Amendment, acknowledge the usefulness of guns and understand the attraction, but still see the need for regulation. The very word “regulation” is enshrined in the Second Amendment, but the NRA and its faithful always manage to obscure that part of the Constitution.

Responsible people should be allowed to have guns; it is their right as Americans. But the owner of the guns that Adam Lanza used to gun down a score of innocent children and their protectors — his mother, Nancy — was not a responsible gun owner.

A gun is not appropriate for every household. For instance, a home where a child with a history of violent outbursts and irrational, impulsive behavior lives should not have a trove of heavy weaponry.

That Nancy Lanza was murdered by her own son with her own weapons, was sadly and utterly predictable.

Perhaps she is fortunate in death. Had she lived, she would have to face the grieving community and her role in the murders. And she undoubtedly would have been charged with accessory to murder, because without her guns, her son would not have been able to kill so many so quickly.

This week parents in Newtown will bury their children in tiny coffins as the rest of the country tries to make some sense of this mess.

In Washington, DC, our politicians will be confronted with the anger and sadness that comes with an event like this — events that happen far too often in this country.

Something must be done about the violent shooting sprees that have been become our national shame. Because when 20 children are shot down execution style in their classroom, we cannot do nothing. We have to acknowledge that something is wrong.

It is too late for the murdered children of Sandy Hook Elementary, for their parents and the people of the town that will be forever tainted by the actions of Adam Lanza and his mother.

But it is not too late for the rest of us.

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