Note to Fitzgerald: don’t stop at Turd Blossom

by Ogi Overman

How deliciously ironic that Bob Woodward’s book, The Secret Man, hit the streets at the exact same time that Karl Rove was hitting the skids. As if to prove the theory of synchronicity, Woodward and Bernstein (who wrote a foreword to the book) are hitting the talk-show circuit just as the crapola is hitting the fan around DC.

Now we can only hope that the outcome of Watergate Redux lives up to the original version.

Already the stonewall has been erected around the White House, the talking points have been issued, the apologists dispatched. It’s almost laughable watching the likes of Republican party head Ken Mehlman, Fox’s Sean Hannity and the various GOP House and Senate sycophants repeat the same catch phrases ‘— ‘“ongoing investigation,’” ‘“partisan attack,’” ‘“let’s not prejudge,’” and ‘“I’ve known Karl Rove for [fill in the blank] years’… .’” The parallels are too blatant to ignore and the only conclusion can be that this scandal is no more about Valerie Plame or Joseph Wilson or Judith Miller than Watergate was about John Mitchell or Maurice Stans or Charles Colson. This is about subverting the political process, concealing the truth from the American public and demeaning the very ideals that this great nation holds dear. Moreover, the fix is in now just as it was 32 years ago.

One difference, however, in the current scandal and Watergate is that this time the cover-up is not worse than the crime. This was no ‘“third-rate burglary,’” as Nixon mouthpiece Ron Zieglar was fond of saying. Any way you slice it, exposing the identity of a CIA operative in time of war is treason. Although people have been put to death for less, if I were heading up the prosecution I would offer Rove immunity if he would cooperate by naming his co-conspirators. Which, obviously, would include George W. Bush.

Anyone who thinks that The Duh did not put his seal of approval on the outing of Valerie Plame neither knows the depth of the Bush-Rove relationship nor the vindictive, belligerent, arrogant and intolerant nature of this administration. Rove is, after all, ‘“Bush’s Brain,’” as chronicled in the book by James C. Moore and Wayne Slater and the documentary by Michael Shoob and Joseph Mealey. Bush makes no decision, large or small, without first consulting his affectionately named Turd Blossom. These two peas in a pod ‘— one from the Richard M. Nixon School of Election Theft, and the other, a grad of the Donald Segretti School of Political Ethics ‘— have left a trail of dirty tricks, defamation, deceit and corruption that stretches from Austin to DC and is only now catching up to them. It’s long overdue, but justice is, if nothing else, patient.

Even though it took the jailing of one of their own for the Washington press corps to suddenly develop some cojones, now that they are energized and are actually doing their jobs the White House is in ever-deepening trouble. And, appearances to the contrary, Bush and Rove know this and are running scared and running out of options. Fortunately for the country, it appears that special investigator Patrick Fitzgerald can’t be bought and is intent on letting this inquiry go all the way up the ladder ‘— all the way to the top. Just as Archibald Cox was not content to stop at Haldeman and Ehrlichman, neither does this Fitzgerald guy seem willing to play footsie with the administration, which would, in effect, make him a part of the cover-up.

Eventually, Rove and Scooter Libby, Cheney’s yes man, will take the fall, hoping that their resignations will end the investigation. But with a prosecutor hot on the trail and the press corps smelling blood, this scandal should wind up at the president’s doorstep.

It was Gerald Ford who, upon assuming the presidency, uttered the famous phrase, ‘“Our long national nightmare is over.’” But, tragically, getting rid of Nixon was but a temporary respite from the corruption of power. And, likewise, getting rid of Bush will do little to rebuild Iraq and will not bring back the 1,800 American servicemen and women and 25,000 Iraqi civilians in whose deaths he had a hand. But it will be a step in the right direction.

When I first called for Bush’s impeachment in a column written for ESP Magazine in August 2001 ‘— a month before 9/11 ‘— very few outside the Sizzling Seventeen took me seriously. I have a feeling that a few more folks are taking that message to heart these days.

I have no idea whether or not a modern-day Deep Throat exists, but his admonishment to ‘“follow the money’” certainly has relevance today. Merely follow the Turd droppings.

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