Nothing really matters at all

by Ogi Overman

In the wake of Scooter Libby’s conviction last week, some saw a ray of hope. They saw this as the end of America’s patience, the last straw.

Some who understand the desperate situation in which this administration has put the country surmised that this has finally backed Duh and Deadeye into a corner from which there is no escape. They reasoned that Scooter’s best option for staying out of jail would be to cut a deal and drop a dime on his boss – or better still, his boss’ boss. And once the massive revelations of corruption, abuse of power, dereliction of duty, Constitutional malfeasance and other high crimes and misdemeanors came out, Congress’ hand would be forced and impeachment proceedings would ensue.

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no hope, no corner from which D&D can’t escape, no rhyme or reason, no last straw. There is not one thing we can do to reverse this nightmarish cycle. No matter how much hell we raise; how many letters to senators, congressmen, editors, etc. we write; how many marches and demonstrations we attend; how many petitions we sign; how many books are written and movies are made; how much money we donate to and other worthwhile causes; how many Republicans denounce the administration, nothing will change the hellbent course Bush has charted. It’s so bad that sometimes I fear God has forsaken us and is giving us what we deserve for electing this dry drunk not once but twice.

Just like everything else, the Libby thing will die down and blow over. It will take its place alongside the other multitude of last straws. Scooter won’t sing and Bush won’t pardon him, because either way he would have to reveal the inner workings of the White House and Bush simply can’t allow that. He’ll plead it down to a few months and then retire to the lap of luxury Bush’s underlings have set up for him in return for his silence. The treasonous offense of exposing a covert CIA agent, instead of being punishable by death, will go essentially unpunished. Nothing will change.

Here are a few other things that won’t change:

Duh won’t withdraw from Iraq – ever. He’s made it clear that he never had any intention of leaving once we got there, even saying that it would be up to his successors to figure a way out.

Congress won’t cut off funding for the war, for fear of being portrayed as not supporting the troops. A few Dems will remind the American public that providing substandard body and vehicle armor, insufficient training and horrific conditions at Walter Reed if and when they get back is how the Republicans support the troops, but in the end Congress will abdicate its duty.

It will further abdicate its duty by not launching impeachment proceedings. Last week John Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, did hold hearings exposing the Duh’s deplorable policy of removing federal judges who didn’t play ball with him, eight in all. But that’s the same John Conyers who hand-delivered 168,000 signatures, one of which was mine, to the White House calling for Bush’s impeachment and vowed that if the Dems took control of the House – which they did – that he’d get the impeachment ball rolling. So where is it?

Bush will continue to ignore global warming and the health care crisis and illegal immigration and overseas job loss and poverty and stem cell research and all the things that should be on the table were it not for his insane preoccupation with Iraq.

He will do (and not do) all these things because he can. He’s weathered so many storms by now that he’s actually feeling empowered. He knows Congress or the judiciary won’t stand up to him in any meaningful way, and by portraying himself as the trigger-happy cowboy whose own country won’t hold him accountable, most rational world leaders would rather just wait it out.

He’s laughing at non-binding resolutions the spineless Dems send up. He’s laughing at the special prosecutor, knowing that he let the big fish (including himself) get away. He’s laughing at the media for obsessing over Hilary vs. Obama while ignoring the five or six better candidates. He’s laughing at the gullibles who actually believe Fox Noise delivers responsible, objective news.

He’s shredded the Constitution and made it look justifiable. He’s blamed everyone but himself for his character defects and made it look noble. He’s lied straight-faced 10 thousand times and made it look sincere. He’s sent hundreds of thousands of innocents to their grave and made it look compassionate. He’s gotten away with crimes against humanity and made it look easy.

And we the people have let him get away with it.

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