Notice of violation given at Greensboro massage parlor

by Ben Holder


Return of the Junk Cars?Several cars have been stored alongside of a house in the Glenwood neighborhood. Sound familiar? In January, Glenwood resident, Bulent Bediz, watched city officials order over 20 of his cars towed away from his Lexington Avenue property. The cars Bediz was storing were in violation of several land use ordinances and after several years of squabbling with the city, Bediz ultimately lost. Now, some of the old cars are starting to pop up again in the Glenwood area. At a house on Union St. About 7 cars are littered around the yard. The property owner is listed as Bulent Bediz’s son and that more than likely means this is not just a coincidence. Bediz has been a thorn in the side of Greensboro Inspectors for decades and it appears he is not done with the storing of his cars on residential property. Notice of Violation at Greensboro Massage ParlorThis week, Greensboro Privilege License Officers cited May Spa on Battleground Avenue for allowing unlicensed employees to give massages. The violation was given when Collections/Finance Manager Richard Hawk inspected the business with police on Wednesday afternoon and found Jinrong Chang and Fengyan Fu giving massages without being licensed.May Spa has been open since 2012 and operated without a license for a year before city officials took action. Their employees speak broken English and the online advertisements for their business are sexually suggestive. The owner of May Spa, Feng Li, has been cited before for having unlicensed workers previously. In December of 2013, May Spa was cited for allowing unlicensed massages to take place and the city required Feng Li to write a statement showing he understood the rules for operating a massage parlor in Greensboro.A look at the notes the city has on the location show an interesting pattern. When previously cited, Feng Li came to the office of collections with his niece, Melody Wang, and had the city staff explain the rules to him. This is the exact same thing that happened this week as well. According to the city’s notes, after the business was cited on Wednesday, Feng Li again appeared at the city offices with his niece and acted as if he didn’t understand the rules. Just like the previous times, Feng Li wrote another statement saying he understood the rules.Massage Investigation Questions Remain UnansweredGreensboro Police Officials are refusing to answer questions about the investigation tactics used during the investigation of an illegal massage parlor. YES! Weekly discovered that the police had been investigating an adult business that was operating illegally for several months before taking any action. Documents show the business that was once located on Westgate Drive was known about by the police last September. However, the police did not shut them down. The location was operating a brothel in the daytime and a strip club at night. Police received multiple massages at this location during the lengthy investigation before ultimately shutting them down after YES! Weekly began to question the situation. Chief Wayne Scott reported to YES! Weekly weeks ago that he would provide information about the lengthy investigation and the multiple massages Vice Officers participated in. However, he has not.