Nyos is now making the Triad home

by Heather MacIntyre


Nosedive Records

On their way to play a show in Wilmington, the band has been driving for a few hours before they hear a worried voice crack, “Uh… guys? Guys?!” Everyone turns their heads back to guitarist Dave Godwin who sits with an uneasy smirk and crooked halo above his head. He follows innocently, “I may, might, could have, possibly forgotten my guitar.” A long, collective sigh fills the van with carbon dioxide as they pull over to a music store in hopes for a reasonably priced fill in. The outcome: a sweet peach of aLes Paul for $150! Totally worth it. For decades the Triad has been a hot spot for so many bands coming and passing through their musical journey. And for the last three years, we’ve had the pleasure to harbor Nyos ( as one of our own. All the members are from Greensboro originally, with the exception of Preston Bass originating from Lynchburg, Va., who coincidentally plays the bass. Their ages average about 25, but this effort isn’t a quarter-life crisis for these guys. They grew up listening to tunes of all genres, so when it comes to writing their own, they have no specific influences or goals. “The drive for something new is always with us. We all share a fascination with fusing styles and finding ways to put a song together in an unexpected, yet cohesive way. We like to keep it fresh,” says guitarist/vocalist John Kimes. Some might classify it, if they must, as experimental progressive rock with lots of improvisation. The band practices usually once or twice a week, where they toy around with different ideas and themes, strictly jamming for fun until it takes them somewhere. After a while, it’s pieced together and arranged in a way that only leads them to more ideas and chains of thought. Lyrics are a combined effort, which isn’t very common for bands. While most have a “front man vocalist” who writes the majority of it, Nyos comes up with random word combinations that over time build into common themes throughout songs.

It almost seems as if, for once, the music comes first and the lyrics are specifically assembled for the song. Though they have recently released an EP, it’s become difficult to really set in stone any of their songs to record, which is why turning it into a full-length has taken so long. Live, it’s different for them, as you can tell if you attend any of their shows (and if you haven’t, you should!), because all of their songs are played around with and improvised differently in front of you. Though their music may sound random, how about their name? Nyos, not to be mistaken for the sea monkey, is named after a volcanic lake in Cameroon, Africa. Some say that the group would make a good collaboration with the Biggest Secret (www., and their consideration for it hasn’t been denied. Though gas prices prevent them from attempting a long, national tour, they have an East Coast route in the process of being booked soon. And they promise not to forget their instruments when you see them in a couple weeks at 221 Summit Ave., also known as the Flatiron ( theflatirongreensboro), which will be hosting a Nyos show on Saturday, Aug. 30.