by YES! Weekly staff

By Britt ChesterIf you’re anything like me, you can never get enough sushi. Although detrimental to my savings account, I am always searching for another vessel of raw fish, rice and other minor flavor accompaniments to carry a dollop of wasabi and a soaking of soy sauce onto my palate. As it stands, Mizu Japanese Cuifor my go-to sushi spot.

I’ve learned very little about sushi outside of watching “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” on Netflix too many times, but after speaking with the head chefs and staff at Mizu, I was able to learn more about the process of rolling sushi and preparing different ingredients to pair with certain pieces of fish.

For me, the spider roll is always a good choice. There’s just something about soft shell crab wrapped in seaweed. However, when Mizu Japanese Cuisine served the Christmas Roll, a seasonal option, I found my newest obsession. King crab meat, shrimp, and crabstick blend with white rice in a blanket of soybean paper, all covered with a slice of tuna. It’s easily worth waiting 11 months to get this once-per-year delicacy. To try some of the area’s best sushi, head over to the one and only Mizu Japanese Cuisine in Winston-Salem.

By Daniel Schere

In my short time covering Winston-Salem Athena Greek Taverna struck a flavorful chord in my heart. It is one of the best Greek restaurants in the Triad, in my unbiased opinion, with three locations. The original opened on Stratford Road in 2004 and additional locations were added on University Parkway and in Clemmons.

Most entrees come with a sizable Greek salad that is tossed in a flavorful vinaigrette dressing and contains just enough feta to actually make you enjoy the salad. My favorite food is the Moussaka “” a delicious casserole with layers of meat and eggplant that melt in your mouth. It is topped with tender potatoes and a light béchamel sauce to create the perfect blend of flavors. And I guarantee you will not leave hungry. It comes with a side of yellow rice and vegetables in addition to the complementary bread that is served prior to the meal. Both times I went, I came hungry, and I left without having room for dessert.

This restaurant is also living proof that love can exist through food. Yiannis and Sophia Vgenopoulos opened the business together after the two met in Athens and eventually got married.

“I was studying at Wake Forest in classics. In my junior year I took a semester, and I went to Athens, Greece, and when I was studying in Greece I met my husband,” she said. “And he was working in a dessert shop making crepes and his famous Baklava he learned to make in Athens. He brought that love of food with him. That’s why he did it.”

By Jeff Sykes

As a heavy coffee drinker I tried to avoid finding a nearby coffee shop when I started working at YES! Weekly just a little more than a year ago. I was trying to cut back and ease into the scene. So it wasn’t for a few weeks until I first visited Toshi’s at the Adams Farm Shopping Center. We’ve written extensively about Toshi Yoshida over the years and can’t recommend his sushi bar/ coffee shop enough. It was sometime in the summer that I first saw the “Turkey-Cado Salad” pictured on the wall and was a bit curious. I had to work my way through the Toshi’s Special and the variety of other sandwiches and wraps he offers.

But once I had the Turkey-Cado it became an instant favorite. The Turkey-Cado is a heaping bowl of lettuce, cucumbers, cheese, bacon, turkey and large slices of avocado. I recommend sticking with the honey mustard dressing. I make it a Thursday ritual most weeks and catch up on the other weekly papers that come out in the area. After a few Turkey-Cado Salads I began to ask Toshi to add carrots and tomatoes, which he did gladly. It barely fits the bowl now, but the color and crunch are a delight, and I can’t recommend it enough. I could go to Toshi’s twice a day now that I’ve fallen for the bacon, egg and cheese bagel on the way in to the office. But I try to resist the temptation the best a simple man can. !