Oak Ridge Wealth Management Relocates Office, Seeks To Grow

OakRidge Wealth Management recently relocated its office to 328 Market St. East indowntown Greensboro. An open house reception was held January 16 to celebratethe new location. Over 200 people were in attendance, including city officialsand other downtown business owners.

“Thetheme of our event was Reaching New Heights, and the live music and great foodthat evening set the perfect tone to introduce our new office,” said Oak RidgeWealth Management Vice President Joe Vartanian. “This new location will allowus to better deliver ‘Financial Planning As It Should Be’ and gives us room togrow. While many in our field are cutting back or just trying to survive, we’relooking to expand and hire new financial planning professionals in the comingmonths.” Oak Ridge Wealth Management is headquartered in Greensboro, N.C., andoffers a variety of business options including defined contribution plans,defined benefit plans, buy/sell arrangements and executive compensation plans;as well as options for individuals including risk and cash management,investment and retirement planning and estate conservation. For moreinformation about Oak Ridge Wealth Management call 336-272-5680 or