Obama floats like a butterfly in first-round TKO

by Ogi Overman

With enemies like George W. Bush, who needs friends?

Thank you, Duhcider, thank you. You may have just lost the election for your flunky, Senator Magoo.

President-in-waiting Barack Obama received a gift from his predecessor last week that served as a preview of what will surely be the dirtiest campaign ever waged by the GOP. We’ve seen more clumsy, ham-handed smear attempts by this administration than we can count, but perhaps none any more offensive and foul-smelling than the stunt Duh tried to pull in front of the Israeli parliament. By trying to equate “some people” with those who favored appeasement of Hitler, Bush stuck his foot so far down his throat that a brigade of Rovian apologists couldn’t pry it out. It appeared that even some of the Israeli representatives were appalled at his breach of protocol and lack of courtliness.

We can only hope that Bush takes every opportunity to interject himself into the campaign. For it appears that, rather than distance himself from the most unpopular president in the history of the republic, McCain is going to tether himself to him. Moreover, if last week’s sorry performance was any indication, McCain is going to allow Bush to issue the talking points and, in true Dittohead fashion, he’s going to echo them.

You could see the theme of “appeaser” emerging from a mile away, just as surely as “flip-flopper” became the buzzword of ’04, but unlike Kerry, Obama will not allow himself to be tarred and feathered with the taunts and fabrications. He didn’t even wait for the next news cycle before counterattacking, letting Bush and his fellow mouth-breathers know that he would relish a debate over foreign policy, while pointing out this administration’s colossal failures at same. The highlight was when he illustrated the depths to which this regime has sunk because it does not even acknowledge diplomacy, statesmanship and negotiating with our adversaries as an accepted tool of foreign policy. Oh, it was a thing of beauty watching him dismantle the oafish Bush and the inept McCain (or is it the oafish McCain and inept Bush?) without breaking a sweat. Chewed them up and spit them out.

The beatific quality that gave it such power, though, was the ease with which he refuted their straw man arguments and how effortlessly he demonstrated that it was a coordinated effort by the Bush-McCain camps all along. Naturally, Duh sent his third-string press flak out to spin it, and when that didn’t work said that “some people” was actually a reference to Jimmy Carter, not Obama.

Um-hmmm, like the way the Iraqi people greeted us as liberators. Mission accomplished indeed.

Meanwhile, as every Democrat who is anybody was lining up to condemn Bush for using Israel’s 60th anniversary as an occasion to launch a domestic political salvo, McCain, who apparently didn’t get the memo, was echoing the party line, using a slight variation on the appeaser theme, saying his rival was naïve and inexperienced by advocating negotiating with Hamas.

No sooner had Obama deftly exposed that as a lie than the smile on the face of the political gods turned into a Cheshire cat grin. Turns out, in 2006 Senator Magoo said that negotiations with Hamas were the proper and reasonable thing to do.

Ouch. Not sure how they’re going to try to squirm out of that one. I mean, we expect a certain level of hypocrisy, but he’s reaching new lows – even before the convention’s been held. And once the press starts zeroing in on McCain’s shifting positions on any number of issues… well, does the term “flip-flopper” ring a bell?

This thing’s going to be over quick if that’s the best McCain can do. I’m not even sure the old boy can go the distance. This is looking as lopsided as Cassius Clay and Sonny Liston. Barack is floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee while his hapless opponent is lumbering around the ring, dazed and confused, not sure what hit him. Already he’s taking a standing 8-count but, truthfully, is bloodied and battered enough for the ref to call it a first-round TKO.

Problem is, who would the GOP trot out there as a sacrificial lamb if McCain weren’t able to answer the bell? What Republican would be masochistic enough to throw his hat back in the ring at this stage of the bout?

Wait. Who says it would have to be a lifelong Republican? I can see Hillary ripping off her pants suit and pulling on her trunks, switching parties and declaring she’ll be ready on Day One. Some people just don’t know when to quit.

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