Ode to Joy and even Roy

by Ogi Overman

Been sailing with the Pilot since

The days of Rosenbluth

It seems like only yesterday

We’re getting long of tooth

Sometimes at night the mem’ries flow

While in my reverie

A magic mystery tour I take

Through lore of ACC

The names of coaches long since gone

From Bones to Frank to Case

I’m glad this is the path I chose

A smile comes ‘cross my face

I have to shake myself awake

And back to here and now

It’s time to pen my ode to joy

Gate City, take a bow

The Heels were tough, I know not why

I’ll try not to be coy

Although it pains me to admit

The reason is ol’ Roy

As a loyal Dookie I must

Say this to Hansbrough

You’ve had your fun in Tar Heel land

Methinks you should turn pro

Somebody tell Duke’s PA man

The guy’s name isn’t Taylor

Sad, he took them all to school

The shade of blue got paler

They marched right through Krzyzewskiville

And spoiled Duke’s Senior Night

Thank God, though, it did not portend

The dying of the light

By tourney time K rights the ship

Yes, Duke regained its swagger

One by one they mowed them down

Once JJ found his dagger

There is no finer in the land

Than deadeye JJ Redick

He’ll cut your heart our surgically

Until you holler ‘Medic!’

The Heels were hot, it seemed you could

Not stop them with a Taser

‘Til BC whacked them Saturday

And hollered ‘Down goes Frasor!’

One thing about BC I hate

Let’s see a show of hands

The ACC has too much class

Get rid of those headbands

Another thing I realized

Though it’s not something new

Their body art has got to go

Let’s call them Tattoo U.

Maryland they came out flat

And barely made a fuss

You had to read his lips to watch

Coach Gary Williams cuss

The Tigers had Miami beat

Frank Haith was seeing crimson

But just when victory’s at hand

They thought, oh yes, we’re Clemson

While ESPN did the games

On national TV

I much preferred the G Man than

The mouth of Dickie V

So Duke stays home this Thursday night

Against a team named Southern

And then they’ll repeat Saturday

By knocking off another’n

As long as Duke was seeded tops

The Coliseum won

And yes we got a UNC

Although it’s Wilmington

Real UNC plays Murray State

In Dayton, O-hi-o

They should advance but Mich-i-gan

State’s down the road, oh no!

NC State’s a seven seed

It’s lately been no fun

Unless ol’ Herb can shake ’em up

It looks like one and done

The Bracketologists agree

The system does seem broken

Our Seminoles got hosed big time

What is committee smokin’?

Still, get those brackets all filled out

Jump in the office pool

The Madness is official now

So let’s all act a fool

Two roads diverged in yellow wood

No wait, that’s the wrong ode

The Final Four it starts this week

That long and winding road

So who’s my pick to take it all?

The crystal balls foretell

I see two digits dim appear

Does JJ ring a bell?

Ogi can be reached at, heard each Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. on ‘“The Dusty Dunn Show’” on WGOS 1070 AM, and seen on ‘“Triad Today’” Friday at 6:30 a.m. on ABC45 and Sunday at 10 p.m. on UPN48.